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How to Choose a Nursery Glider

For the perfect spot to soothe and comfort your newborn late into the night, look to a nursery glider. Gliders offer a cozy, secure place to feed, rock, and bond with your baby. These are often preferred to other rockers and recliners, as they smoothly swing back and forth and come with foot support.

Saving Space & Money

The nursery glider you choose needs to be the right size for both you and your spouse. Make sure your feet can reach the floor while you're seated and that you can easily get in and out of the glider while holding your newborn. Chairs with extending leg rests, reclining backs, and matching ottomans need extra space between walls and other furniture, so be sure to measure the nursery where you'll keep the glider to guarantee you pick the best fit for your space.

To come up with the right budget, think about the long term use of the glider. Often, once a child grows older, parents will convert unused nursery gliders into recliners or accent chairs for other rooms. If this is your plan, it's best to invest in a higher quality piece meant for long-term use.

Style Options

Most gliders are designed with versatility, style, and practicality in mind. A highly functional and traditional nursery glider will slide back and forth on a fixed track and require little to no effort to move. Features such as arm, back, and head support make caring for your baby easier and more comfortable. Additional side pockets allow you to always keep necessities for your child on hand. Go for a classic, oversized recliner for maximum coziness or choose a contemporary rocker with a chic ottoman if you prefer an open and airy look.

Materials & Colors

Nursery gliders are most often made from microfiber or leather on a wood frame. Microfiber tends to be inexpensive and highly resistant to stains, while leather is durable and offers timeless style. When choosing a color for the fabric, neutral shades are recommended. This way, you can move the chair to any room in the house, and it'll easily complement the existing design scheme. Although, if you know the glider is going to remain in your child's room or move to a playroom, you can opt for a fun, contemporary color that'll be easy to match to the decor.