Changing Tables

Changing Tables for Baby & Nursery

How to Choose a Changing Table

Changing tables are essential in nurseries. They offer a safe, sturdy surface for changing your little one, as well as ample storage room for diapers, creams, and toys. The best models also have secure railings and safety straps in addition to being stylish and seamlessly blending into your nursery decor.

The Right Size for You

Since you'll want your changing table to keep diapers and other essentials close at hand, look for a model with plenty of storage space. The right piece will also stand at a height you can reach comfortably. Finally, you should keep the size of your room in mind when shopping. If you have a separate nursery for your child, you'll have no troubles fitting a larger piece into the space. However, if the changing table will stay in your master bedroom, search for a more compact piece.


Though changing tables with dual functions, such as those that double as shelving units or dressers, tend to be pricy, the investment is worth it. Once you no longer need a changing station for your baby, you can convert the furniture into storage for games, toys, or clothes. You should also consider material when creating your budget. Solid wood changing tables are more durable than those made from particle board, but they also cost more. Additionally, a changing table that has features like drawers, or hampers will likely be more expensive than a changing table that simply offers shelving, but you’ll want to consider if you want the convenience of everything out for easy access or prefer to have essentials hidden away.

Styles, Colors, & Materials

From traditional to contemporary, you can get a changing table in any style. Common design features range from classic sleigh-top surfaces to modern pull-out drawers with sleek finishes. Choose from a range of colors to complement your existing decor. Wooden changing tables tend to be finished in natural hues like ivory, cherry, or merlot. Metal pieces are typically painted in neutral colors, such as black or white, or vibrant shades like blue or pink.