Kids Dresser

Children's Bedroom Dressers

Support your budding fashionista with a quality kids dresser. With pieces available in every finish and style, from sleek and modern to traditional designs, you’re sure to find something that complements your child’s existing bedroom furniture. And because many of our kids dressers come with attachable matching mirrors, they offer more bang for the buck. Cut down on clutter and help your child build the wardrobe they’ve always wanted with our impressive collection of kid’s dressers for the bedroom. More

How to Choose Kids Dressers

You may think that you only need a small dresser since kids clothes don’t take up much room, but investing in a regular sized dresser means it will continue to meet your child’s needs as they grow. While dressers traditionally store clothing, kids dressers are also perfect for favorite toys, books, and extra bedding. Choosing a piece that your child will continue to love and use as they grow up can be difficult, so carefully consider the dresser's style, materials, and functionality before making your purchase.


Kids dressers range in style from classic to contemporary. Traditional pieces tend to feature gently curved edges and drawers that are uniform in size, while modern dressers for kids defy conventional style. Most have matching mirrors that come in a variety of shapes, from oval to rectangular. Additional features, such as cork boards, jewelry hooks, and open storage cubbies, add to the appeal and functionality of each kids dresser.

Materials & Budget

Commonly constructed of hardwood or composite materials, kids dressers vary in price depending on durability. Hardwoods are longer-lasting options that typically cost more. Composites are a budget-friendly choice that still provide plenty of functionality. Some children's dresser models even have dust-proofed bottom panels to make cleaning easier, keeping them nicer longer.

Colors & Appearance

Kids dressers come in classic paint colors, like white or black, or rich wood tones, from oak to cherry. Because these pieces are geared towards children, they may offer more color and design options than standard furniture. They can also come with fun design features such as creative drawer pulls. To get the most out of your kids dresser, choose muted colors like taffy, brown, merlot, or champagne that will look great with a variety of decor choices.