Kids Desks

Desks for Children's Rooms

Whether you're looking to save space or give your child a place to do homework, we've got the kids desk for you. Most of our selections feature spacious surfaces perfect for spreading out textbooks, as well as drawers of various sizes so your student will always have the right supplies on hand. Because our kids desks come in eye-popping finishes, such as red and blue, they add an element of fun to study time. Give your child all the tools necessary to succeed with a kids desk. More

How to Choose Kids Desks

Growing minds need workspaces that encourage creativity and strong study habits. While a kids desk may start out as a place for coloring and snacks, choosing pieces that can later develop into space for homework is an investment in your child's future. To create a fun and lively workspace that invites children to play, work, and learn for years to come, keep size, functionality, style, and budget in mind.


Begin by looking for children's desks that provide lots of surface space. The right piece should be large enough to hold kids' toys, books, or laptops without making them feel cramped. It is equally important to ensure that the desk is a comfortable height for your child. Choosing the proper sized chair, or one with height adjustment options, can ensure that your student's desk is a relaxed and comfy place to work.


Most desks for kids come with two to five drawers in various sizes, perfect for storing things big and small. However, drawers aren't your only option for organization. Consider desks with unique features, such as hutches and memo boards, to provide extra space and one-of-a-kind style. Hutches easily display books, favorite toys, and decorations, while corkboards or magnetized surfaces are great for fun pictures, colorful artwork, or friendly deadline reminders.

Styles, Materials & Colors

Minimalists may gravitate toward simple kids desks with clean lines, or modern pieces with tempered glass tops on sturdy metal frames. Traditional decorators will love pieces with plenty of rounded edges and carved details made of durable wood solids. To match any decorating style, wood stains are available in hues from pine to dark cherry. Alternatively, choose pieces with neutral white, black, or gray paint for an elegant touch, or other fun themes.