Kids Chairs

Chairs & Seating for Childrens Rooms

When it comes to kids chairs, you want to find pieces that will meet their needs now and as they mature. Whether your children are doing homework, playing games, or watching cartoons, they need seats that are cozy, supportive, and fun. Here are a few tips for selecting the right kids chair for their space. More


As you shop for kids chairs, choose options built with children in mind. The dimensions of an adult seat are perfect for you, but they make proper posture hard for little ones. Seats designed for them let their feet rest flat on the ground and support good spinal alignment.

Still, a room full of tiny chairs presents a challenge for parents who want to sit down with their kids. Try adding adult- and child-sized chairs to the playroom to keep you both comfortable as you spend time together.


A plush, upholstered kids chair is ideal for lounging, while a wooden desk chair suits study time and computer work. You can also go with a bean bag for a fun twist on conventional seating. If matching the decor in other areas of the home is a priority, select a kids chair with a traditional or contemporary aesthetic for a broad range of options.


Bedroom furniture is a great opportunity to showcase a child's personality, and a chair in their favorite shade does just that. Neutral tones like tan, pewter, and ivory give you the freedom to experiment with various styles over the years. On the other hand, bold hues and lively patterns make a fashionable statement they'll love.


Choosing kids chairs made from durable materials is your best bet for long-lasting comfort and style. Soft upholstery makes study or gaming sessions more comfortable, but be sure to pick easy-to-clean fabrics. For wooden chairs, consider pieces with scratch-resistant finishes for superior protection.