Twin XL Bedding

Extra Long Bed & Comforters Sets

Kids twin XL bedding adds a personalized finishing touch to any bedroom. Making sure you have all of the components for a soft, inviting bed means thinking about every layer, all the way down to the mattress. For kids, tweens, teens and dorm rooms, consider the durability, materials, style, and color when purchasing kids twin XL bedding to ensure comfort and quality. More


When choosing kids twin XL bedding, opt for pieces that will hold up over time and protect your child's bed. A mattress cover defends against dust mites and stains, while a waterproof pad shields from spills and accidents. To select long-lasting sheets, go for thread counts between 200 and 800. A high number means a tight, strong weave that will create a softer feel and withstand washing.


Kids twin XL bedding is available in an array of fabrics. Deciding which one works for your son or daughter depends largely on preference. Cotton or blended sheets tend to be crisp and cool. Jersey and flannel kids twin XL bedding choices are warmer and cozier. You may want several sets of linens for convenience on laundry day or to suit different seasons.


Coordinating kids twin XL bedding with your child's style is easy. In fact, just changing the comforter will give the whole bedroom a brand new aesthetic. Kids twin XL bedding sets including pieces like duvets, shams, and sheets make it simple to update a space in a single purchase. Choose from patterned or solid sheet sets to add a new flair while sticking to a budget.

Color & Print

To pick the shade and pattern of your kids twin XL bedding, keep your children's interests in mind. Themed kids twin XL bedding can capture their love of sports, a beloved movie character, or a favorite animal. Hues that complement other furnishings in the space create a cohesive color scheme that will pull the whole look together.