Kids Bedding

Bed & Comforter Sets for Children

Kids need fun and comfortable bedding for restful nights and the serious business of building forts. That's why we stock a beautiful selection of sheets perfect for children of all ages. Get your youngster a matching set or buy a single item to complete your existing collection. We know only the best, most comfortable bedding sets will do for your child. Relax, because your search ends here with our kids bedding selection. More

How to Choose Kids Bedding

Kids bedding and bed sheets comes in many styles and colors to ensure there's something out there that is perfect for your unique child. To narrow your search, consider your kid's favorite characters, activities, and colors. Then look into price and fabric options to help find your best match. Also consider looking at twin xl, children's twin bedding, queen size, king size, and California king size.


The cost of kids bedding is based on size, thread count, and design. Investing in a good comforter and set of sheets is necessary, as children need soft, supportive, and warm bedding for a good night's sleep. Since most linen sets are affordable, your children have the freedom to pick something they're excited about.

Picking Style & Colors

As the bed is one of the largest pieces in the room, the color and style of your kid's bedding creates the tone for the rest of the space. Modern bedding brands featuring favorite characters, sports teams, or animal prints are appealing and unique, bringing creativity to your child's decor. Other choices include traditional options that display solid, bold colors, symmetrical patterns, and curved lines. On the other hand, children won't outgrow neutral-colored comforters, which allows you to interchange other items like pillows and accent decor.

Selecting a Fabric

The fabric you choose for your kids sheets and bedding needs to provide durability and comfort. Wool is the warmest option, but it has a higher price tag and can be challenging to wash. Cotton is breathable and also more affordable. Synthetic blends are typically not as soft, but are still great options for those with a tighter budget.