Farmhouse Wall Decor

Farmhouse Artwork & Wall Decor

Farmhouse wall decor is the perfect finishing touch for your country-inspired design. Wood-panel paintings of barns, hay bales and farm animals enhance the rugged, down-home feel of your space. Meanwhile, floral wreaths and kitchen herb prints promote a softer, more charming vibe. You can also find wall shelves, framed chalkboards and mason jar sconces that give your layout a functional flair.

Browse this selection to find gorgeous farmhouse wall decor for every room. Decorate your laundry room with themed posters of cotton plants, washboards and metal tubs. Mount an old-timey dinner bell in the kitchen to let the family know when it's time to eat. Want to add wall art to the bathroom? Hang up distressed paintings of antique soapboxes, outhouse doors and vintage well pumps.