Wall Decor

Wall Decor & Artwork for Home

The right wall decor can add flair and liveliness to your home. We offer countless pieces of wall art that'll appeal to your inner artist and help you brighten up your living space. Find canvases covered in bold colors and patterns, eye-catching mosaics and natural landscapes, and anything else you can think of. The only hard part will be picking just one piece. Set your inner decorator free and take home a gorgeous piece of wall decor today. More

How to Choose Wall Decor & Home Artwork

For an affordable and stylish way to brighten up your home, use wall decor such as photographs, paintings, and mirrors. Picking the right pieces can show off your taste and personality.


Typically, the wall decor you choose should take up between two-thirds to three-quarters of the wall to avoid being either overwhelming or easily missed. To make the piece a focal point, place it at eye level. For items that hang over a sofa or dining set, leave about six to twelve inches of space between furniture and your wall decor. Room size is another important factor to consider. Larger spaces can benefit from large wall art, whereas small rooms may feel overcrowded by big items.

Some wall art comes broken into three separate pieces, called a triptych or two pieces, which are sometimes called a duo. These series art pieces can be used to fill a long open wall, or easily continue an art theme on multiple walls in the same room.


Keep in mind that a higher price tag doesn't necessarily signify a better piece. The best decorative items, regardless of their cost, are the ones that interest and intrigue you. Determine how much you want to spend on decorations for your home and then browse pieces in that price range.

Choosing a Style for Wall Decor

One large item makes a dramatic statement. On the other hand, consider grouping together a variety of small items for a personal touch. You can arrange a collage of small framed photos above a dining table or add an attention-grabbing landscape portrait to a bare wall. From abstract modern works and Italian frescos to pastoral landscapes and vivid photography, there is a wide range of wall art styles to match the tone you want to set in your room, such as:

Picking Colors

To choose wall decor in the right colors for your space, consider the mood you want to create. Art in warm tones, deep colors, and earthy shades is inviting and works well in rooms where you often entertain. Pieces in bright, eye-catching colors attract attention and are great in entryways or living rooms. Color options range from bold to subtle, including: