Storage Benches

Storage Bench Accents for Sale

If you're looking for seating that doubles as storage, perhaps something sleek and versatile that won't take up too much space, then look no further: storage benches are the answer. Find expertly crafted pieces made from durable wood and luxuriously soft fabrics in dazzling colors to bring your house to life. We offer front-loading pieces with functional drawers and traditional storage benches with hinged and retractable tops. The best part? They're as comfortable as they are practical. It's time to reevaluate your home decor and pick up a storage bench today. More

How to Choose a Storage Bench

Storage benches combine style and practicality to create the perfect addition to any home. Choose from well-crafted, luxurious benches that provide convenient extra seating while also tucking away toys, books, remotes and games. These pieces work well in hallways, entryways, living rooms or bedrooms to satisfy storage and seating needs while elevating your decor.

Size & Budget

Both multifunctional and low in price, storage benches provide an excellent alternative to traditional chairs. From small to large benches, we have the perfect size for your home. Most pieces fit into a small nook or slide under a tall table to create more space. Long, slender storage benches also look great along walls, where they provide seating while taking up minimal floor space. When placing benches in high traffic areas, such as hallways or entryways, make sure you leave a clear pathway for walking.

Styles, Colors & Materials

Benches come in traditional, transitional, rustic, and contemporary styles to fit any design scheme. Simply constructed, these pieces typically have hinged tops, padded seats and sturdy, wooden legs that are perfect for a vintage look. Some benches feature cubbies, shelving or slide-out baskets to hold your knickknacks. Storage benches can be wood or fully upholstered. Wood or composite versions can be found in nearly any stain or paint color. Storage benches come in a variety of colors including:

These benches come in attractive designs, made from sturdy and comfortable materials such as:

Since storage benches are not large pieces of furniture, they are ideal for adding or highlighting colors already in the room.

Entryway or Mudroom

What better way to contain every-day clutter than a storage bench in the entryway or mudroom. Whether you need a place to organize shoes and backpacks or to sit as you don your footwear, a storage bench by the door is the ideal way to organize your family's comings and goings.

Hallways and Landings

Have a roomy nook in the corner of your hallway or stair landing? Slip a comfy upholstered storage bench in for an upgrade to functionality. You'll have a place to store extra linens or household items. Add an oversized pillow and you'll be amazed how often this cozy corner ends up occupied.

Living Room

Plush and upholstered or hard-sided wood, nearly every living room thrives with extra storage space. Take advantage of the roomy inside to store cuddly throws and pillows, games, magazines or books. Use the bench for extra seating, a footrest or an occasional table. Have a sunny window along one wall? Create a cheery window seat by placing a bench under the sash.


A storage bench is a perfect accessory for the foot of your bed. Whether front drawers or lift top storage these offer storage for seasonal linens and extra blankets. You'll use it daily in your morning prep, whether laying out your outfit or putting on your socks and shoes.

Kids Rooms & Playrooms

Notorious for clutter and commotion, kids' rooms can use all of the extra storage they can get. Use a bench to contain toys, corral shoes, or organize books. With the proper proportions, a storage bench for kids is a no-brainier in playrooms, teen zones or kids bedrooms.

Decks, Porches & Patios

Keep your front doorstep, pool area and backyard tidy with a storage bench built for outdoors. Crafted from teak, all-weather wicker or resin, these pieces are designed to brave the elements while containing anything from pool toys and yard essentials to shoes and umbrellas.

Engaging Styles

From shabby chic to rugged Americana, there is a look for every aesthetic. Choose from sleek and sophisticated contemporary, upholstered floral, urban rustic, or charming vintage. The style options are virtually unlimited and you'll find the value-add to your home is immense.