Decorative Wall Mirrors

Put a mirror on the back of the door or in the hallway to add depth to and brighten any room in your home. Since we offer mirrors in various shapes and styles, you're sure to find one that matches your existing home decor. Go for a rustic feel with wooden-framed mirrors made from rich cuts of beautifully finished wood, or strike a contemporary vibe with a metal frame. Our mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, including oblong, rectangular, square, and circular, so you don't have to waste any more time reflecting on the matter. More

How to Choose Mirrors

Mirrors can be a decorator's best friend. They can brighten dark hallways, add functionality to your decor, or dress up plain walls. Both beautiful and useful, mirrors keep you and your home looking pulled together. Because these pieces come in many sizes, shapes, and styles, choosing the right one for you requires some reflection.

Selecting Size & Budget

Mirrors can help you achieve a high-end look on a low-end budget. Large pieces make great focal points, especially when placed prominently on walls above mantles or furniture pieces. However, keep in mind that the larger mirrors are more expensive. While small mirrors are more budget-friendly, a single piece may look a little lonely on a large, empty wall. Stick to pieces about two-thirds the size of any furniture directly below them in order to achieve a proportional look. If your budget is tight with a big space to fill then a pair, row, or cluster of smaller mirrors might finish your wall for less.

Choosing a Style

To pick the right style of mirror, decide whether you're more interested in form or function. For bathrooms, bedrooms, and hallways, consider oval or rectangular mirrors. These elongated shapes make it easy to get a clear picture of your face and outfit at the same time. Circular or unusually shaped mirrors are better for decoration, especially when placed across from windows to bring the outdoors inside. Sun burst-shaped and beveled mirrors work well in vintage-inspired homes, while geometric shapes like triangles or diamonds add quirky accents to minimalist spaces.

Mirrors can also be framed or frameless. Elaborately carved or molded frames create a formal look, while those who want to keep things casual should stick to clean lines and simple designs. For a functional mirror that seems to disappear into the background, try a large, frameless piece.

Picking a Color

When choosing mirrors with colored frames, consider how they will look against the shade of your wall. These colors include:

Picking a contrasting hue will instantly draw attention to your mirror. However, if bright colors aren't your style, create a softer statement by buying a frame that is noticeably lighter or darker than the surrounding decor. Wood-framed mirrors do not have to match other wood pieces in the room. For example, cherry frames pick up the reddish tone of mahogany furniture. When choosing a metal frame, remember that steel and chrome pair nicely, but don't mix well with gold or copper.

Considering Materials

Framed mirrors can be sleek and contemporary, gilded and luxurious, or rustic and natural simply based on their materials. Able to be molded into many shapes, plastic is a popular and inexpensive choice for frames, though it is also prone to scratches and chips. Metal and wood provide more durable frame options and come in a variety of stains and colors.