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Perfect for an office space, study, or any dark corner of your home, a well-chosen table lamp provides needed light while subtly improving the look of the room. Set the lamp on a stylish end table or accent table and let it shine. More

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What Kind of Lighting Does an Office Need?

Any home or office needs three types of light: overhead, task, and accent. Overhead lighting from a ceiling unit brightens the whole room. Task lighting, such as a reading lamp, brings focused light to a specific space. Finally, accent lights create warmth and mood. Office table lamps fall into this group.

Desk Lamps vs. Table Lamps

While traditional desk lamps have their place in an office, these pieces aren't the best for accent light. That soft, warm glow that instantly brightens your space can only come from an office table lamp. A few guidelines can help you choose the right style for your workplace or home office.

Professional Design

Similar to other accent lighting, office table lamps have decorative bases topped with a fabric or plastic shade to soften light. Various shapes, colors, and styles are available, but it's important not to forget your environment.

If you're decorating a study that only you will use, choose whichever office table lamps make you happy and productive. However, think about the impression your decor will have when furnishing an office to receive clients or coworkers.

Casual or Formal?

In many offices, a formal design is the most professional. Nubby textures, irregular shapes, and uneven finishes often have a casual vibe. In contrast, sleek surfaces, simple shapes, and clean lines appear polished and put-together.

Trendy or Traditional?

A variety of styles from classic to modern can be suitable for a work space. Consider the message you want to send to office visitors and choose what's right for you.

Traditional office table lamps often have curvy gourd or urn shapes that reference antique styles. Classic decor radiates the prestige and stability that come with centuries-old, tried-and-true design. On the other hand, contemporary lamps usually have stark geometric shapes that suggest a forward-thinking, modern outlook.

Proper Size

To avoid flooding your space with light or leaving it in the shadows, your table lamp must match the office size. A room with high ceilings requires a taller light, while a squat lamp may be enough for low-ceilinged spaces.

It's also important to consider how much room a lamp takes up on your desk, cabinet, or counter. Small lights will be dwarfed by a large table, while an office table lamp that's too big will only get in the way of your work.

Ideal Placement

To get the maximum effect from your office table lamp, place it on wide or tall file cabinets to eliminate dark corners. Secondary work areas like the less-used sides of L-shaped or U-shaped desks may also benefit from some extra illumination.