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Put the finishing touches on your home office or study with a stylish and functional desk lamp. The right office lamp does more than just illuminate; it can make your desk look polished and put-together, creating an inviting place to work. More

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How to Choose Office & Study Desk Lamps

To avoid eyestrain, use focused task lighting to illuminate your workspace. Office desk lamps provide just the right kind of bright, directed light to make work at your desk comfortable and productive. To create a good work setting, consider lamp size, style, and bulb type.

Assess Your Needs

Since people use their desks for a variety of activities from reading to typing, practical considerations are important. For example, dimmer light is fine for computer activities, but those who work with printed documents usually require something brighter. Consider these factors when choosing a lamp:

Size – If you use a drafting desk or other large workspace, you may need a tall office desk lamp to illuminate the whole surface. Narrower or shorter desks require less light because of their smaller surface area, so a petite lamp might work well.

Functionality – Some office desk lamps have adjustable features such as a movable shade, swivel function, or 3-way bulb settings to change brightness. These can be useful in customizing your desk for each new task.

Style – Traditional office desk lamps usually have a shade made of glass or metal and a classic design. Modern lamps are sleek and come in a variety of shapes and materials.

Different Types of Office & Study Lighting

Halogen or LED?

It is also important to consider whether your office desk lamp takes your favorite kind of lightbulb. Halogen lamps emit a warm white light, while LED lamps produce a cool, blue light. Cooler colors are associated with productivity, so blue lighting is common in office settings. Warmer colors are better for relaxation.

Light Type and Comfort

Some office desk lamps use fluorescent bulbs, which may cause issues for migraine sufferers. LED bulbs also tend to flicker more than halogen, which can trigger headaches. If you love the way a fluorescent or LED lamp looks, check for dimming settings or a light-diffusing shade. These can soften light for a more comfortable day at work.

The Final Word

When it comes to decorating an office or study, your ability to focus and feel at ease are the highest priorities. To perform your best, choose office desk lamps that suit your needs, express your style, and provide the right type of light for your work.