Accent Lamps for Table or Bedside

Light up your house while making a statement with a unique floor or table lamp. Essential to any room, lamps provide illumination and allow you to show off your good taste in home decor at the same time. Pick pieces in the same style, or mix it up with a combination of contemporary and classically sophisticated lamps. With our gorgeous selection of lighting fixtures of every color and size, you might find yourself wanting to buy one for every corner of your house. Don't get left in the dark when it comes to home decor. Browse our selection of lamps today. More

How to Choose Lamps

The perfect combination of form and function, a lamp can be instrumental in room design. These pieces provide unique design elements, set the mood, and make working and living in your home comfortable. Whether you want to illuminate the entire room or create an atmosphere, consider a lamp's size, design, color, and materials to find the perfect piece.

Size & Budget

Lamps come in various styles to fit any space, with prices that often vary based on the lamp's size and materials. If your room size is limited, look into wall sconces and hanging lamps. Table lamps are a great option to fill surface space on end tables, sofa tables or nightstands. If you have the floor space for it, try a pair of standing floor lamps. Popular styles also include desk and lantern lamps to complement your home.


Popular and simple, torchiere lamps are available in many different styles and can provide uplighting in nearly any type of room. Tiffany lamps or brass lamps work well in traditional rooms. Use tripod or arc pieces to complement modern design schemes. Finally, choosing a tree or swing arm lamp offers versatility and directional lighting.

When considering how to add lighting to your room, remember that buying lamps in pairs lends a polished balance and symmetry to your room, while pairing differently styled lamps together creates a custom designed or eclectic look.


Lamps with dark-colored bases or metallic finishes, like chrome, bronze, or brushed steel, work well in most rooms. Clean white or pastel colored bases look good in contemporary designs. To add interest to a neutral space, try adding a colorful lamp:


Lamp Base

Bases are often ceramic, glass, wood, or metal. Ceramic and glass lamps are elegant and fit with traditional decors. In rustic settings, wooden lamps are perfect, while metal works in many different settings. With an aged black finish, iron can give a rustic feel, while polished chrome offers a modern or industrial look and brass provides a traditional style.


Lampshades can be the same material as their bases or provide contrast. Metal lamps can have solid metal shades to direct light or wire-frames, which leave bulbs exposed. Glass lamps usually have stained glass shades, which provide multi-colored illumination. Most commonly, however, lampshades are made of fabric or dense paper. These shades soften harsh light and spread it evenly around the room. Because some lampshade materials block the light and some let it shine through, always check your lampshades with the lights both on and off.