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Accent Pillows for Sale

Get your home bursting with color in no time with some attention-grabbing accent pillows. Since our collection features different designs, as well as an assortment of styles, shades, and textures, we're certain you'll find the perfect accent pillow to add to your home decor. Place one on your daybed, sofa, loveseat, or outdoor furniture to add a touch of personal flair. Have as much fun as you want with our interchangeable accent pillows, and swap one for another just like you'd put on another outfit to suit your mood. More

How to Choose Accent Pillows

Accent pillows are an easy way to update your home's look with without draining your budget. These versatile pieces are the perfect place to show your creativity and bring in new colors, patterns, and textures to enhance your home decor. To find the decorative accent pillows that will pull your room together, choose pieces that complement your style, theme, and color scheme. Find our zebra and striped styled accent pillows to make your living room pop.

Considering Size & Budget

Pillows range from small decorative pieces to oversized floor cushions, so choosing the right one for your space depends on your needs. For accent pillows that fit comfortably on sofas, small chairs, and other furniture, choose standard sizes. Oversized pillows are perfect for sitting on the floor or decorating larger sofas and daybeds. Often purchased in pairs, pillows look better in odd numbers, so consider leaving space in your budget to purchase three or more.

Choosing Style & Color

Pillows come in almost any shape, texture, color, print, or pattern you can imagine. To add visual interest, consider pieces that add contrast to your space. Play up minimal, contemporary white or black sofas with bold, embellished pillows or fun, shag pieces. Chairs in bright colors receive the perfect complement from understated, neutral pillows, while plush furniture looks great with more structured, rectangular accent pieces. Give your room a cohesive feel by pulling colors from your accent chair into the throw pillows on your sofa and vice-versa to give your room a transitional look. When mixing and matching pillows in the same room, try pairing solid-colored pieces with eccentric, patterned ones to capture attention without overwhelming the eye. Accent pillows are available in a variety of colors such as:

Selecting the Fabric & Material

Stylish pillows can be found in many different fabrics such as velvet, silk, and cotton. Higher quality, more expensive pieces contain feather-down, while less plush items use foam or synthetic filling. If you're using decorative pillows solely for display, you can opt for a less expensive material. If your new pillows will see frequent use, look for those that are washable or have removable covers. And keep your current upholstery in mind. For instance, that silky pillow might look great in the store, but they will slip right off of a leather sofa.