Accent Cabinets

Accent Cabinet & Chests

Put your treasured items on display in a practical and stylish accent cabinet. We carry a range of shapes and sizes, so you can purchase a piece that tucks into the corner of your living room or one that stands front and center in your foyer. All of our accent cabinets are crafted with quality materials, so you can rely on them to keep your mementos safe and on display for years. With available designs ranging from classic and timeless to bold and contemporary, you're sure to find an accent cabinet that appeals to your tastes and fulfills your needs. More

How to Choose Accent Cabinets

Accent cabinets are stylish, functional options for organizing your space and enhancing your decor. These versatile pieces fit in any room or entryway to provide easy-access storage for a variety of items. Regardless of your needs, there is an accent cabinet that is perfect for your budget, space, and decorating tastes.

Size & Shape

Coming in various sizes and shapes, accent cabinets are used for both storage and decoration. Some work well as end tables because they offer display space and handy drawers, like contemporary and rustic styles. Curio style and taller accent cabinets can be tucked into corners and are great for showing off your keepsakes. Before purchasing these pieces, make sure the cabinet is the right height and width to fit comfortably in your room.

Color & Style

Accent cabinets are a great way to accessorize while complementing the rest of your furniture. If you need extra space for linens, consider a thin, tall cabinet to place in your hallway. For those who like to entertain, wine carts and bar tables are another storage option. In family rooms, use them as chairside tables to organize board games or store toys. Accent cabinets come in a variety of colors that fit any existing home decor such as:


Although commonly made of wood, accent cabinets also feature other materials. Traditionally, the most reliable furniture is made from durable hardwoods such as oak or walnut. For those that want a modern look, choose cabinets with decorative details made from unusual materials like mirrored or metal doors. Because their main purpose is storage doors and drawers are likely to get a lot of use. It is important to choose well-built, sturdy pieces, like traditional and transitional styles.