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Finding affordable, functional, and stylish living room furniture can be challenging for new homeowners. If you're struggling with the search for individual pieces, living room sets can make finding furniture an easy, one-step process. Sets come with every item needed to furnish your rooms. For added convenience, pieces in a set coordinate perfectly. To go home with the best furniture for your living room, consider the space's features, color, and size. More

How to Choose a Living Room Set

Size Restraints

When shopping for furniture, pick sets that can fit comfortably within the dimensions of your living room. Keep in mind that small apartments need less furniture than homes with large families, so a two, three or four-piece set may suffice. Room shape can also play a key role in choosing pieces. While square rooms make it easy to place sofas, tables, and TV stands in corners or against walls, unusual room shapes may be less flexible.

Budget Restraints

Creating budgets can help when buying living room furniture. Furniture sold in sets is often cheaper than separate, individual items. However, larger five, six, seven and eight-piece sets can get pricey. When making budgets, take this into account and consider the number of items needed to complete your living room.

Choosing a Style

Collections include the most common living room items, typically using sectionals or sofas as the centerpiece. They also come with one or more additional pieces, including coffee tables, lamps, or recliners. Sets can embody traditional, vintage, or modern themes to satisfy any taste. For even more variety, consider a reclining, sectional or sleeper set.

Selecting a Color

Since living rooms are often considered the focal point of the home, choose colors that will be welcoming and appealing to families and guests. When picking living room sets to fit your style, decide the kind of ambiance you want to create. For example, earthy tones like brown and beige, and neutral shades like black, white and gray offer relaxing environments, while bold hues such as burgundy, red and blue add attention-grabbing accents.

Picking Fabrics & Materials

When choosing furniture sets, it is important to look for materials that are durable, comfortable and easy to clean. Certain fabrics, such as leather and linen, are of higher quality than mixed fibers and polyester. However, these premium products can be more costly. Less expensive materials, like microfiber plush fabrics, provide comfort but may not be as resilient or easy to clean as higher priced options. For tables and bases, search for hardwood frames, as they are the sturdiest.

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