Blue, Brown, & Orange Living Room

Blue, Brown, & Orange Furniture Color Schemes & Decorating Ideas

For decorators that dare to be different, designing a living room with blue, brown and orange is ideal. Colors similar to each other, such as brown, orange and yellow, create soothing and harmonious spaces. While complementary hues, those opposite each other on the color wheel, offer a more dramatic effect. Pairing orange and brown decor with blue results in a surprising and exciting look.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetBlue tufted sectional with matching ottoman accented with an orange blanket, brown end tables in an orange setting.
Stylish blue tufted sectional with matching ottoman accented with an orange blanket and brown end tables.

In rooms with muted shades of blue, orange and brown, the contrast between blue and orange decor might not seem so pronounced. In the living space above, a dusty blue couch plays well against pale honey walls and a light brown rug. The combination is unexpected, creating both depth and warmth within the space.

Cobble Heights Living Room SetTeal blue sofa set with blue, brown and orange leaf printed accent pillows, oval glass-top wood end tables with golden brown lamps.
Chic teal blue sofa set accented with brown, blue and orange pillows and an orange throw blanket.

When decorating with such a strong color contrast, a great strategy is introduce one shade in bold while the other stays soft. Selective bright orange living room decor pieces, like the blanket and pillows, draw the eye while subtle sky blue couches stay in the background and keep the overall vibe relaxing. The dark brown finished table neutrally ground the space.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetBlue sectional with orange and blue striped pillows, matching striped chair, and a brown end table on an orange and brown rug.
A versatile blue sectional with orange and blue striped throw pillows & a matching striped chair paired with brown end tables on an orange and brown rug.

In contrast, using vibrant orange and blue living room decor can offer a more energetic look. Grounded by brown wood tables and accents in light coral and aqua, the saturated blue couch and bright orange walls featured here harmonize perfectly. A brown and orange area rug offers more muted coloring while tying the room's color scheme together.

Saybrook Living Room SetBrown reclining sectional with blue and orange decor on a dark blue rug.
Brown reclining sectional with cupholders accented with blue and orange decor and a dark blue rug.

Orange and blue make excellent accents in a more traditional color palette. In the inspiration photo, rustic brown living room decor takes center stage with a chestnut sectional and chocolate curtains. Muted blue, orange and brown decor like wall art, pillows and a rug add a contemporary touch to an otherwise classic space.

Trevino Living Room SetChocolate brown leather sofa set, orange pillows, brown marble topped tables, blue and orange wall art.
Chocolate brown leather reclining sofa set paired with orange pillows, brown marble-topped tables and blue and orange wall art.

A quick and easy way to bring sharply contrasting hues into your space is wall art. The design above starts with mostly blue and brown living room decor but draws the accent color in shades of orange from the painting on the wall. Orange-yellow pillows, vases and books deliver a pop of color against brown couches and blue walls.

Abruzzo Living Room SetBrown leather sofa set with blue and brown pillows, light brown wooden tables, rug with blue and orange colors.
Traditional whiskey brown leather sofa set with blue and brown pillows paired with light brown tables on a rug with blue and orange colors.

If you're wary of a striking color contrast, there are subtle ways to use orange and blue decor.

For example, the whiskey brown couches above lean further towards a warm orange than a cooler hue, like espresso. Even this slightly orange cast creates an attractive contrast against aqua-blue pillows. The rug includes all three colors in muted tones to anchor the space.

How to Use Complementary Colors

When working with a daring blend, like orange and blue, designers often temper the decor with plenty of neutrals. This is why adding brown to the mix is a smart choice. While orange and blue decor grabs attention, shades of brown create a soothing backdrop.