Secretary Desks

Secretary Desks for Home Office

Economical in size as well as price, secretary desks feature a flip-down surface that opens to accommodate a laptop and closes neatly once you've finished working for the day. With a timeless style and an unassuming profile, these pieces work well in nearly any room of your home. When choosing a secretary desk, think carefully about your budget and your home or office decor. More

Materials and Cost

Wood is the most common material for a secretary desk, and some models may be more expensive than others. A full-size hutch with glass display doors is likely to have a higher price tag than a roll top or standalone model. Chic secretary desks with aluminum frames or wrought iron legs are a budget-friendly choice for those who prefer a modern or industrial look.

Design & Placement

The location of your secretary desk will determine which model is a good fit. If you want to put it against a dining or living room wall, a larger hutch or chair-height piece will work just fine. However, if your new furniture will be front and center in a home office, search for a smaller standalone secretary desks with open bases.


While many secretary desks emphasize ornate drawers, antique pulls, and multiple cubbies, there are plenty of different designs to consider. For a scaled-down approach, opt for a mid-century modern secretary desk with hairpin legs or the sleek silhouette of a contemporary workspace.

Other popular style choices include:

Colors and Textures

From golden oak to mahogany and dark walnut, stained woodgrain is characteristic of a classic secretary desk. However, solid colors like ivory, seafoam, and teal coordinate perfectly with a range of palettes and may be better suited to your look. Rustic and vintage secretary desks often have distressed finishes, while contemporary surfaces may be smooth matte or glossy.