Gray, White & Blue Dining Room

Gray, White & Blue Color Schemes for Dining Room Furniture & Decor

More than just a place to host guests, the dining room is at the center of many family memories. Gray, white and blue dining rooms have exactly the right kind of warm sophistication to strike a balance between elegant and cozy. Gray and white make a neutral canvas for splashes of blue to pop, creating a memorable space.

Cindy Crawford Dining Room Set
picture of the Cindy Crawford Coastal Breeze dining room set
Dark gray dining room table with matching chairs set on a gray and white rug, complemented by blue and white decor.

Using charcoal gray as the main color of your decor produces a serene and stately look. To keep the smoky color of the dining set above from making the room seem dark, the decorator offsets the table with a white rug and accents. Hints of blue in the vase, curtains and wall art bring even more depth to this gray and white dining room.

Colonia Hills Dining Set
picture of the Colonia Hills dining room setGlasstop dining table with white upholstered chairs on a gray and blue rug.

The refined lines of this white and espresso dining room set are beautifully complemented by this white, putty gray and cerulean blue rug. The abstract design keeps the space contemporary and the blue tones in the rug are mirrored in the table decor.

Jansen Dining Set
picture of the Jansen dining room set
Dark gray counter-height dining table with matching stools, paired with decor accented by shades of blue, gray, and white.

Why use just one color at a time when you could combine all three in one piece? In this room, the rug features shades of white, gray and slate blue. Its soothing watercolor pattern catches the eye and brings cohesion to the space. The simple gray dining room set works as both a centerpiece and a counterbalance to the rest of the dynamic furniture and decor.

Jules Dining Room Set
picture of the Jules dining room set
Round, metal dining table with silver legs and glass top accented by blue decor and paired with matching chairs upholstered in white material and set on a gray and white rug.

A primarily white dining room set, like the one pictured above, has a fresh and contemporary look. To keep it from feeling washed out, hints of gray in the metal table and the rug add variety to the room's color scheme, while blue and yellow table decor create a shock of vibrant color in this low-key setting.

Parnella Dining Set
picture of the Parnella dining room set
Round, white dining table with blue upholstered chairs set on a gray and white rug.

For a modern vibe that instantly intrigues, pair your dining room table with chairs of a different color. In the room above, muted teal blue side chairs are the perfect complement to a simple, white table. The gray and white dining room rug provides a neutral backdrop and defines the dining area in this large, open room.

Valene Dining Room Set
picture of the Valene dining room set
Round, glasstop dining table with a silver base, surrounded by upholsterd blue chairs and set in a room with white walls and decor.

Gray, blue and white dining room decor falls on the cool side of the color spectrum. To create balance and warmth in a dining room with these hues, consider texture and accents. Here, a wall with a white medallion pattern contrasts the smooth glass tabletop and vertically quilted chairs, keeping the eye moving around the room. Subtle touches of natural green, earthy red and sunny yellow give this retro-modern table set a hint of tropical appeal.

Washington Square Dining Set
picture of the Washington Square dining room set
White dining table with silver legs, paired with blue upholstered chairs and set on a gray and white rug, in a room with dark blue curtains and decor.

This contemporary gray and white dining room set is sleek as can be with metal bases and a crisp white tabletop. Rich blue accents in the curtains and wall art help the soft gray chairs pop and make the center of the room appear bright and welcoming. Finally, the white and gray rug perfectly matches the dining set and completes the look.

West Bay Dining Room Set
picture of the West Bay dining room set
White dining table complemented by matching blue chairs and decor, and set on a gray rug.

Electric blue instantly delights the senses and makes a room pulse with energy. The color can become overwhelming, though. In the design above, the white table, ivory walls and gray rug give your eyes a place to rest and keep this blue dining room lively without becoming exhausting.

Regal and Attractive

Grab a bright blue centerpiece for an invigorating and modern dining room, or go with dark gray for classic charm. No matter the balance struck between these three colors, the resulting design always looks polished and complete. To create a dynamic space for hosting family and friends, there's no way to go wrong with a blue, gray and white dining room.