Beige, Brown & White Dining Room

Beige, Brown & White Color Schemes for Dining Room Furniture & Decor

Beige, brown and white is a dreamy combination that fondly conjures images of frothy cappuccinos or chocolate chip cookies and milk. It should be no surprise that this delicious palette is a common choice for dining rooms and kitchens. Balancing the right amount of light and depth or warmth and cool is easy with this simple color scheme.

Alegra Dining Room Set
picture of the Alegra metal dining room set
Round dining room table made of brown metal, finished with matching metal chairs topped with beige seat cushions, all on a white and beige rug.

In this photo, browns are the focal point of the room while beige and white dining room decor plays a supporting role. The natural pattern of the marble tabletop draws the eye to the center of the room. A beige and white rug frames this seating area while beige cushions and white orchids add subtle accents.

Ambassador Place Dining Set
picture of the Ambassador Place dining room set with brown chairs
Glasstop dining room table with brown wooden legs and high-back chairs upholstered in dark beige material and arranged on a white rug.

For modern spaces, a glass table is a great choice that also heightens the colors of your room. Here, a contemporary table reflects light from the window and white walls. The clean lines of its brown wooden base work beautifully to contrast the beige chairs. Sandstone curtains and a textured white rug tie the design together.

Ambassador Place Dining Room Set
picture of the Ambassador Place dining room set with white chairs
Rectangular, glasstop dining room table with brown wood legs, surrounded by matching chairs upholstered in white material and set against a window framed with beige curtains.

This inspiration room is an excellent example of using light and dark tones to create drama and focus. In a white room with an eggshell rug and chairs, it would be easy for the design to feel sterile. Espresso accents, gold touches and light beige curtains create greater depth.

The table's deep brown base focuses attention on the seating arrangement and anchors this bright, modern space. Creamy beige dining room decor also lends a touch of warmth.

Brynwood Dining Set
picture of the Brynwood dining room set
White dining table with matching chairs on a brown and beige rug.

Another white dining room that takes advantage of dark accents, this space demonstrates the power of using cool and warm colors together. Brown floors and a beige rug ground this snow-white dining suite. A table arrangement of sunny yellow lemons and an ice-blue vase provides a pop of color while reinforcing the room's hot-and-cold theme.

Cindy Crawford Dining Set
picture of the Cindy Crawford Highland Park dining room set
Round dining room table made of dark wood, with beige upholstered counter-height chairs set on a white rug.

Decorating with color is all about balance. Preventing one hue from being too much or too little is key. In this dining room, brown has a strong presence in the table, chair legs and china cabinet. However, hints of beige and white in the chairs and rug plus reflective glass and mirror surfaces keep this set from feeling heavy or dark.

Cindy Crawford Dining Room Set
picture of the Cindy Crawford Ocean Grove dining room set
Rectangular, wooden dining room table finished in white with a brown wood tabletop and matching chairs, accented with a white bench upholstered in beige.

If you are going for a Mediterranean look, choose decor in a warm color palette against clean alabaster white. In the dining room above, cherry table and chair tops contrast touches of green in the room's decor, while white-finished backs and legs brighten the space and reflect light. Delicate pops of color in the beige dining room rug make this room feel like a vacation getaway.

Hillside Cottage Dining Set
picture of the Hillside Cottage dining room set with white chairs
White dining room table with brown wood tabletop and matching chairs set on a beige patterned rug.

Considering the existing wall color is also important when furnishing a dining space. In this country cottage design, a cream and russet-brown dining room set complements the sage walls without drawing too much attention. To unify a space with many different accent hues choose a patterned rug that brings them all together.

Hillside Cottage Dining Room Set
picture of the Hillside Cottage dining room set with beige covered chairs
Wooden dining room table with white legs and brown tabletop, paired with matching chairs featuring dark beige chair covers.

Using secondary elements, like chair covers, can elevate your existing decor. The beige slipcovers pictured here add texture and dimension and a neat, tailored look to this white dining room. Together with brown tabletops and a light beige rug, the room feels both relaxed and sophisticated.

Island Sunrise Dining Set
picture of Island Sunrise dining room set
Round dining room table made of brown rattan and topped with glass accented by white decor, with matching chairs featuring beige seat cushions.

Rattan furniture with an intricate design is perfect for a perky breakfast nook. Paired with warm, sandy beige walls and natural light, this cinnamon brown set is a delight. When decorating a dining room with beige, brown and white, seashells and other natural decorations look right at home.

Sofia Vergara Dining Room Set
picture of the Sofia Vergara Savona dining room set
Rectangular dining room table trimmed in white, with a glass top and brown wood legs, and matching chairs with white upholstered chairbacks and beige seat cushions.

Modern spaces can benefit from this color scheme as well. Rich cherry brown and buttermilk white in the table and chairs make a striking combination, adding visual interest to this room full of straight, clean lines. A plush beige rug softens the drama while curvy and textured accent pieces bring further variety to the space's decor.

Twin Lakes Dining Set
Picture of the Twin Lakes dining set.
Rectangular dining room table made of brown wood, surrounded by matching white chairs, and placed on a light beige area rug.

Brown dining room decor can highlight wood accents in your home. This rustic table and chair set plays well with the multi-tone, reclaimed wood paneling on the wall. White curtains with a subtle checkered design evoke a modern homestead vibe.

Sofia Vergara Dining Room Set
Picture of the Sofia Vergara dining room set
White, glasstopped rectangular dining room table with brown legs, paired with matching white and brown chairs in a beige room.

In transitional spaces, the clean contrast between creamy white and cherry brown can be dramatic and elegant. In the dining room above, wood insets on the chair backs mirror the tapered shape of the table legs, creating a neat, tailored look that brings the space together.

Cindy Crawford Dining Room Set
Picture of the Cindy Crawford dining room set
Rectangular brown natural wood-topped dining room table, surrounded by matching white chairs with natural wood legs, on a beige and white rug.

Lighter neutrals evoke calm and serene feelings. Here, pairing white and beige dining room decor allows openness and reflects natural light from the windows around the room. Sandy brown tones in the natural wood table add warmth.

Le Chateau Dining Room Set
Picture of the Le Chateau dining room set
White cottage style dining room table paired with matching white chairs, accented with brass nailheads and beige upholstered seats, on a brown and beige rug.

In this room, white dining room decor contributes to a cozy cottage atmosphere. The difference in the mood of this rustic room from the previous, contemporary space comes from details and finishes.

Slightly distressed white furniture keeps the airy feeling of the room above, but adds a sense of history and character that bring the design down to earth. Antique-style details like nailhead trim and vintage carvings amplify the look.

Thurleigh Cappucino Dining Room SetPicture of the Thurleigh Cappucino dining room set.
Round, glasstop dining table supported with brown wooden legs, paired with white upholstered chairs, on a white and beige area rug.

Deliver depth and charm in a light-hued room by harnessing color to draw attention to a focal point. In this space, the chocolate table base serves as a centerpiece in this bright and open space, focusing attention on the seating area.

Landon Chocolate Dining Set
Picture of the Landon Chocolate dining set.
Round chocolate brown dining table, surrounded by matching brown pub chairs upholstered in a leather-like material, set on a beige, brown and white rug.

Make your space feel cozy and inviting like an English pub by using dark brown dining room pieces. The mocha finish of the set above is warm and versatile, bringing a friendly atmosphere to a variety of decor. Tawny curtains and a patchwork rug keep the area from feeling too dark and formal, adding the right level of comfort.

Bringing Balance

A white, brown and beige dining room is sure to be an inviting place for friends and family to gather. This perfect pairing combines all that's best about light and dark, cool and warm. With many of the important concepts of color theory built right into your palette, fabulous design is a snap.