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Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture is now the top furniture retailer in America, but the company has humble Midwestern roots. In 1970, founder Ron Wanek opened Arcadia Furniture in Arcadia, Wisconsin. In 1982, the family-owned company merged with the Ashley Corporation, becoming Ashley Furniture. Over the next decade, the business began to manufacture innovative products like casual dining room sets and mixed media furniture that blended glass, marble, steel, and other materials.


The company’s expansion accelerated rapidly during the 1990s. Ashley purchased a Canadian manufacturing facility and started producing leather upholstery. The company reached $1 billion in sales by 2000, and it officially became the largest furniture manufacturer in the world in 2005. Today, Ashley Furniture has over 1,2000 locations and supplies furniture to over 20,000 storefronts worldwide. 

Ashley Furniture offers thousands of items to furnish your home’s interior and exterior. The company designs bedroom and living room furniture in dozens of styles, including boho, coastal, French country, glam, industrial, and mid-century. With so many options, you’re bound to find the perfect furniture to fit your aesthetic tastes. 

Additionally, Ashley Furniture produces hundreds of accessories and furnishings for your kitchen and dining room. Organize your kitchen with canister sets, mug stands, dish drainers, and more. You can also shop for furniture like dining room table sets, rolling bar carts, and barstools. These functional yet stylish items make entertaining easy and fun. 

Visit Ashley Furniture to discover the latest furniture trends.

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