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Zen Style Furniture & Home Decor

Less is always more with Zen style, an essential ingredient for any Asian-themed living room. Simplicity and clutter-free environments are keys to Zen style. Meaning “meditation” in Japanese, Zen style incorporates elements like candles, bamboo, and metal art pieces to bring the five elements of nature to life. Bring calm and balance into your home with our Zen-style furniture options.

Living Room

A Zen interior design lets you create a comfortable, tranquil environment in any space. Establish a calm and balanced atmosphere in your home, starting with a Zen living room full of sleek, comfy furniture. Choose a low-profile Zen couch with neutral beige or gray upholstery. Then enhance the natural, relaxed look using a wooden Zen coffee table and TV stand.

To incorporate Zen decorating techniques throughout the rest of your living room, consider adding a few unique seating options. Woven poufs and plush floor pillows are easy to arrange and stow away, making them perfect for this simple, clutter-free style. Meanwhile, a Zen chair with an angled back or curved frame adds shape and texture to your streamlined sofa or sectional set.


Applying Zen design to your cozy bedroom retreat can make your room feel like a refreshing spa or resort. Use Zen bedroom ideas that promote harmony and balance, like setting up a Zen bed with coordinating nightstands on either side for a symmetrical look. Limit window treatments to bring in sunlight and choose Zen bedroom furniture with light wood or bamboo finishes for a natural vibe.

Comfort is key when decorating a Zen bedroom, so soft fabrics and simple patterns are essential when choosing Zen bedding. Drape your bed in cotton-white sheets, jade green duvets and soft brown throws to infuse the layout with natural hues. Accent your bedspread with Zen pillows featuring silky shams with delicate flower or cherry blossom motifs for an extra touch of luxurious softness.

Dining Room

Use Zen dining room furniture to promote a relaxing vibe for homecooked meals with family and friends. Furnish your formal dining room with a walnut or dark oak Zen table and padded Japanese- or Chinese-style dining chairs. For a more casual setup, try a glass-top dining table that sits low to the ground so guests can sit on floor cushions and enjoy some finger foods.

Good food is essential when creating a great dining experience, and Zen kitchen decor can help make meal prep a breeze. Wide wooden cabinets provide storage for cookware, cookbooks and pantry items, while sleek countertops are the perfect place to lay out ingredients and prepare your signature dishes. Add a marble or black-topped Zen buffet to create a convenient snack spot for guests.


While Zen furniture makes a stunning focal point, Zen decor brings touches of harmonious, natural beauty to your layout. As such, Zen wall art featuring river rocks, bamboo forests and Buddhist themes is an excellent finishing touch for your Zen-style home. Also, practical Japanese-style room dividers enhance the peaceful, orderly vibe of your space.

Brightly-lit spaces encourage positivity in a Zen home, so choose Zen lamps and chandeliers to cast a soft glow throughout your living, dining or bedroom. Use wall-mounted sconces for ambient lighting in windowless areas like basements, dens and hallways. You can also let the light reflect off your polished hardwood floors or roll out a woven mat or low-pile Zen rug to tone down the brightness.

Decorating with Zen decor transforms your home into a space for escaping or reducing daily stressors. Stay focused and productive by placing a table-top water fountain on the Zen desk in your home office. Create a meditation corner in your bedroom using floor cushions and idol statues. For a relaxing spa vibe in the bathroom, use Zen mirrors, floating candles and round bath mats.