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Less is always more with Zen style, an essential ingredient for any Asian-themed living room. Simplicity and clutter-free environments are keys to Zen style. Meaning “meditation” in Japanese, Zen style incorporates elements like candles, bamboo, and metal art pieces to bring the five elements of nature to life. Bring calm and balance into your home with our Zen-style furniture options.

The Asian Zen style is a way of life inspired by Buddhist spiritual practices, and philosophy. Zen is all about cultivating a serene, pure, and open attitude towards life’s experiences and others. The concept of conscious awareness and meditation directly tie into this interior design style that first originated over 1500 years ago in China (and later expanded to Japan & the rest of the world).

Zen interior design seeks to turn an ordinary home into a serene, austere yet incredibly beautiful sanctuary you’ll long to come back to. By using clean lines in its architecture and furniture placement, as well as a minimalist approach towards décor, Zen reduces visual stimuli and clutter.

In order to fully maximize negative space usage, it’s required that properties have plenty of built-in storage. Additionally, Zen homes typically use natural materials for their furniture and flooring, coupled with a neutral color palette that soothes the mind.