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Oriental & Asian Style Furniture & Decor

Want to enhance the serene and sophisticated atmosphere of your home? Choose Asian-inspired furniture and accents to create a chic, calming interior design. Graceful oriental furniture evokes a relaxing and tranquil vibe. Meanwhile, oriental decor in vibrant yet soothing earth tones brings balanced energy to any space. More

Living Room

Sleek, low-profile furniture is a popular choice for Asian-inspired living rooms. Make your living room feel breezy and spacious by choosing an open work bookcase to display your novels, figurines, and family photos. A low-slung oriental cabinet with a Chinese Chippendale overlay offers storage for media consoles and DVDs while keeping the room open and airy.

Oriental accents bring subtle touches of Asian style to your current layout. Aside from providing extra seating, a Chinese Ming dynasty-inspired wooden accent chair lends grace and charm to your living room. Oriental tables built from mango wood and Japanese-style console tables with brass door handles are practical and chic additions to your living room as well.


An Asian-inspired bathroom should include soothing, space-saving accents that promote a quiet and peaceful vibe. Take advantage of the soft glow inherent in oriental lamps and sconces for ambient lighting. For extra privacy, set up gorgeous folding oriental room dividers with delicate cherry blossom designs that are beautiful, scenic, and serene.

Smaller accent pieces can help enhance the dignified Zen vibe of the room as well. A lush palm silk tree is a calm yet refreshing addition to your bathroom. Oriental mirrors with gold, silver, or bamboo borders bring an elegant touch to the room. You can also set up Asian-style incense censors and candle holders to set the mood for relaxing baths and showers.


Consider plush oriental bedding for your Asian-inspired bedroom for a look that's stylish and restful. These duvet sets include eye-catching covers, blankets, and bed scarves featuring colorful bonsai tree and pagoda patterns along with multiple cozy throw pillows for maximum comfort.

If you need storage pieces for your bedroom, choose an oriental dresser with weathered wood construction or a decorative floral print and a glossy finish. Select an extendable two-tiered rack for a neat and tidy way to stow your shoes. Set up another decorative room divider beside your closet to establish a private and practical dressing area.


Use Asian-inspired decor to carry your motif through your home. An ornate oriental rug makes a colorful foundation for your seating arrangement or bed set. Canvas paintings, carved wooden plaques, and other oriental wall art suit the simple and stylish aesthetic of your bathroom. Even a simple oriental vase or sculpture can add an extra decorative touch to your layout.

You can also use oriental decor to create a tranquil setting for gardening and outdoor meditation. Choose four-tier plant stands to hold flower boxes on your balcony, or select a sleek garden bench to establish a relaxing spot for enjoying fresh air and sunshine. Try colorful oriental statues and lawn decorations to finish off your outdoor design.