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The Purple Mattress company was started by two brothers who endeavored to create a product that would help people who used wheelchairs. Their goal was to create a more comfortable cushioning system that not only provided better support but also helped to avoid such problems as pressure sores. Of this endeavor; the brothers Pearce were inspired to continue their search for better materials which eventually led to the development of the hyper-elastic polymer (stretchy plastic) mattresses design that’s considered by many to be the best mattress on the market today.



Model Information

Model NameSupport TypeMattress HeightComfort
HybridGel, Foam, Coils11 inchesMedium Firm
Hybrid PremierGel, Foam, Coils12-13 inchesMedium, Medium Firm
OriginalFoam9.25 inchesMedium, Medium Firm

Introduction to Purple Mattress

Purple uses cutting-edge hyper-elastic polymer materials originally designed for medical cushions in its mattresses. The company developed a new manufacturing system that allows for the rapid production of plush mattresses using this revolutionary polymer blend, swiftly becoming a leader in the direct-to-consumer designer mattress industry.

Material Innovations

Rather than relying on traditional retail practices, which result in heavy markup, Purple began selling directly to consumers. Purple mattresses come in a compressed, wrapped box which allows for shipping via standard domestic carriers such as UPS and FedEx. The brand also sells mattresses through online retailers such as Amazon.


Remarkable Innovation

The elastic polymer inside each Purple mattress distributes body weight and alleviates pressure points. Within the medical industry, these technologies are essential to keep patients with limited mobility comfortable. In a mattress, this unique material provides firm and perfectly contoured support.

Quality Mattresses & Quality Support

In addition to offering an advanced sleep surface, Purple mattresses are good for the environment. The brand's unique mattresses are made with recycled materials which are allergen-free, non-toxic and CeriPUR-US certified to ensure product safety.

Purple also offers a 100-night in-home sleep trial period during which you can return your mattress for a full refund for any reason. Beyond the initial trial, Purple covers its mattresses with a 10-year warranty. The company's innovative sales model makes it easier than ever to buy and compare mattresses.

Final Thoughts About Purple Mattress

Purple is one of the most innovative mattress brands on the market today. The company's mattress technology offers long-lasting comfort, relieves pressure points and promotes airflow. Combined with their easy mattress-in-a-box delivery, Purple makes shopping easy for customers looking for a great night's sleep.