How To Decorate a Christmas Tree
Get in the holiday spirit by setting up the perfect Christmas tree. If you’re looking to create a professionally designed Christmas tree this year, look no further. We have all the tips and tricks on how to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro.
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1. Map out Tree Placement

Before diving into decorating, map out where your tree will live in your home. The placement of the tree determines its ideal height and shape. Also, decide how many trees you want in your home. Most people prefer one grand tree, while others place multiple trees throughout their homes.

2. Choose Your Tree

Your Christmas tree is the most important piece of the holiday decorating process. Invest in a high-quality tree that perfectly fits into your space. If you’re going the artificial route, spending more on a quality tree is worth the investment. The better the tree, the more realistic it looks.

Those going for a real tree should purchase it around four weeks before Christmas Day. Know the approximate height and width of your tree before you head to the Christmas tree lot.

3. Assemble the Tree

Whether you have an artificial or a real tree, spend time positioning and fluffing it to get it right before you start decorating.

If you have a real tree, do last-minute trimming and positioning. Those with fake trees should spend time fluffing the branches and ensuring everything feels sturdy. Artificial trees spend most of the year flat in a box. Fluffing your tree is essential in making it look full. Fluff your tree by starting at the bottom and making sure all the tree limbs are lying in the correct spot. Then, fan out the individual branches that are attached to the limb. Bend the smaller branches at varying angles to make the tree look natural and full.

4. Pick a Theme

Picking a seasonal decor theme is one of the most exciting parts of decorating for Christmas. Any good interior design sticks to a central design idea and color palette, and this is no different when it comes to Christmas decor.

There are several design options when it comes to Christmas decor. A nostalgic colorful Christmas with big, multicolored bulbs, big crimson bows, and classic red, green, and gold ornaments brings the warm and fuzzies. Go for an elegant magazine-worthy Christmas theme with a red and gold tree. Swirling gold ribbons backdropped by sophisticated silver ornaments create a backdrop perfect for a sophisticated holiday party. Maybe you want a laid-back, earthy Christmas scene with hand-made ornaments backed by simple white lights.

The options are truly endless when it comes to Christmas Decor themes. Choose a style that calls to you.

5. String the Lights

Once your tree and theme are solid, it’s time to set the base of your design. Choose string lights that complement your design and hang them around your tree.

Check that the lights are working and have no dead strands. Then, start stringing the lights from the bottom of the tree and work your way to the top. If you’re using an artificial tree, we recommend purchasing a pre-lit Christmas tree so you can skip this step altogether.

6. Add Statement Pieces

Once the lights are up, it’s time to get decorating. If you’re using garland and ribbons, now is the time to place them on the tree. String the garland by wrapping it around the tree or zigzagging it through the tree.

Once the ribbons are up — or if you’re forgoing the garland — start placing your largest ornaments. Real and artificial trees have natural gaps between branches and sections. This is usually the best spot for your grand ornaments. Just make sure you’re not adding too many of the same-sized ornaments to one spot. It’s important to create depth without making the tree feel cluttered.

7. Decorate the Outside of the Tree

After the large decorations are up, gather your smaller ornaments and start placing them throughout the tree. Smaller ornaments are typically designated to the outer branches of the tree, while the large items fit in the sections towards the inside of the tree. Pairing the small and medium ornaments with the large ones creates depth and a cohesive look.

8. Fill in Gaps

If you have a bare spot in your tree, fill it in with interesting details or a pop of color. Pick ornaments are best for filling in open spaces. Pick ornaments are decorative pieces attached to a bendable stick that can wrap around a branch or be stuck right in the tree. Usually, picks are comprised of faux bundles of leaves, berries, and flowers for an organic look.

9. Position the Tree Toppers

The tree topper is the tree’s crowning piece. Whether it’s a star, angel, ribbon, or something else, make sure your topper ties your Christmas look together. Place the tree topper center on the top tree branch and make sure it’s sturdy to prevent any leaning.

10. Add the Final Touches

Your tree is now ready to go! There are just a few final touches left to bring your look to the next level. Do one final check to make sure there are no unintentional bare spots in your tree. Once you determine the tree looks finished, sweep away any stray glitter, leaves, and needles. Shake out your tree skirt and ensure it’s clean and free of wrinkles before placing it around the base. And just like that, it’s time to sit back with some hot cocoa and enjoy the Christmas season.

Enjoy the Holiday Season With an Expertly Designed Christmas Tree

Nothing gets you more in the holiday spirit than getting your Christmas tree ready, and nothing impresses your holiday guests more than an expertly designed tree. Use these tips to make your Christmas tree decorating process easy and fun. Get ready for a holiday of festive fun and lifelong memories.
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How long do artificial Christmas trees last?

The average lifespan of an artificial Christmas tree is about six years. It’s best to invest in a high-quality tree. High-quality trees have a more realistic look and generally have a longer lifespan, potentially saving you money in the long run.

Can you overdecorate your Christmas tree?

Yes, too many decorations aren’t always a good thing. Try to limit each branch to one decoration and add varying sizes of decorations to each section to create depth and dimension.

When is the best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree?

The best time to shop for a Christmas tree is right after the holiday season and during black Friday and Cyber Monday. After the holidays are over, seasonal items are usually discounted, so check out prices a few days after the holidays are over. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales usually include seasonal items to get people ready for the holiday season. If you can’t wait until after the holidays, this is a great time to shop.