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Bookshelves help keep everything at your fingertips. Whether built into a desk or as a standalone piece, a bookcase can help your home office or personal space function at peak performance. More

A Place for Everything

When creating an organized space, it is essential to have storage for important items. Whether you own a book collection or just need a practical place to keep file binders, convenience and design are key. When choosing bookshelves for the office or any room in your home, consider style, size, material, and color. Avaliable in black, white, and brown.


Home and office bookshelves are available in many different designs, like barrister and floating shelves. Consider what purpose your shelf is going to serve before choosing a style.

  • Standard - A standard office bookshelf is typically wood or particle board. It has a closed back and adjustable shelves that are great for holding books.
  • Etagere - Etageres have glass shelving and an open back. These are great options to match stylish, modern decor.
  • Ladder/Leaning - Leaning displays have a different-sized shelf on each level. Heavy books may cause them to tip, so stick to light, decorative items on these shelves.
  • Corner - Corner office bookshelves fit into angles in the wall. These space savers are ideal for a small apartment or dorm room.
  • Scaffold - Like the etagere, scaffold bookshelves are open in the back. The shelves sit between two ladder-like supports.
  • Cube - Cube office bookshelves have divided sections like cubbies. These pieces are the most versatile, with space for books, decor and storage boxes.


The most important aspect to consider when buying a home or office bookshelf is size. If your collection consists of a few tiny paperback books, you probably want a small bookshelf. On the other hand, if you have varying sizes of decorative items, a larger piece may be for you. And remember that if you are short on filing cabinet space, a series of baskets can turn a shelf of your bookcase into much needed closed storage.

Take careful measurements of both the shelves' height and the items you wish to display prior to purchase. Keep in mind that some pieces have adjustable shelving to make spacing easier.


The material of a bookshelf for the home or office usually determines both its quality and price:

  • Wood - Office bookshelves crafted from teak, mahogany or cedar can withstand large amounts of weight and have a classic look.
  • Metal - Aluminum, wrought iron or steel pieces combine style and durability.
  • Particle Board - A manufactured product made out of wood chips, this material typically does not hold as much weight as metal or lumber but is more budget friendly.
  • Mixed Materials - A metal frame with wood shelves provides an appealing blend of materials and can offer a rustic, industrial or urban aesthetic.

Bookcases are a practical addition to any space. Consider style, size and materials when choosing the home or office bookshelves that match both your decor and storage needs.

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