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The heart of any dining room, big or small, dining tables are a gathering point for families and friends. Holiday dinners, late-night snacks and all sorts of conversations take place at the perfect dining table. So choose from a variety of styles and decors, from classic and traditional to modern and trendy. Our dining room tables are made from beautifully finished woods or sleek metal that catches the eye. Whether you’re looking for an impressive centerpiece for your formal dining room or just need a dining table in the kitchen, our selections are perfect for any size and type of space. More

How to Choose a Dining Table

We live our lives around our dining room tables, from family meals and holiday get-togethers to game nights with friends. Your table needs to be sturdy enough to stand the test of time, yet flexible enough to adapt to shifting fads and fit your family's changing priorities. Whether you want a formal matching set, a distressed industrial piece, or a cute and cozy breakfast nook, the key to picking the right dining table is to know your needs.

Size Restraints & Budget

When building your dream dining room, start by measuring the available space. The ideal table will be big enough to serve your guests without overfilling the room. To strike the perfect balance, plan for several feet of space between the table and nearby walls or furniture. Tables with removable or drop leaves are smart buys for people who enjoy entertaining on a budget. Rather than using multiple tables for different activities, choose one table that easily adjusts to meet the needs of the moment. Browse tables under $300, $200, or $100.

Choosing a Style

For a harmonious home, pick a table that fits the style of the living spaces around it. Tables with carved legs and glossy wood finishes complement formal homes. Similar tables with more casual, distressed paint textures add a touch of shabby chic. For a charming, rustic farmhouse décor, consider using trestle tables. If your tastes tend to be more modern, consider natural wood pieces with metal accents, which lend authenticity to industrial designs. To add drama to transitional homes, pick counter-height glass-topped tables with bold, architectural lines and curves.

The right table can also balance your room's size and shape. Round tables create cozy settings for conversation in small spaces. Square tables can also add a modern feel to tight areas. To seat more than six people or fill a long, narrow dining room, rectangular tables are your best bet. This classic shape allows more space to pass dishes and directs the eye across the room with its clean lines.

Selecting a Color

To pick the best stain or paint color for your table, consider wear over time. Dark or shiny surfaces show scratches and dust much faster than light colors and distressed wood. Trendy paint colors become outdated as fads change. For staying power, nothing beats neutral hues and natural wood finishes like ivory, black, brown, or ash. Try pieces in white or blonde wood stains to achieve Nordic minimal looks, cherry or walnut hues for traditional elegance, and black or chocolate finishes for contemporary cool. Bring in the latest must-have colors with tablecloths, placemats, and rugs for designs that are easy to remix.

Choosing Materials

Dining tables come in many varieties to fit different lifestyles. Particleboard tables with veneers are made from inexpensive materials overlaid with finished wood. This lightweight, affordable option is perfect for people who move often or are on a budget. Rattan or woven furniture is even lighter and looks great with nautical or bohemian décor. To brighten up dark corners, choose reflective metal or glass tables. Marble tables add a touch of luxury but also require special care. For sturdy, long-lasting pieces, invest in solid wood tables made of durable hardwoods like walnut and dark oak.