Navy Blue Furniture

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Versatile and calming, navy furniture and accents work well in many different color palettes. Indigo and dark cobalt hues provide several different interior design effects ranging from dramatic contrast to tranquil ambiance. Whether you want to upgrade your guest room, living room, or a child's playroom, choosing navy furnishings and decor gives you plenty of options. More

Enhancing Color Palettes with Navy Furniture

In dining rooms, navy side chairs let you introduce new hues into your color scheme. To complement a light wood table, arrange velvet sapphire side chairs against white or light gray walls to create contrast. Or, bring a plush navy sofa or sectional into a neutral beige family room to add more depth to your design.

For a soothing, serene color scheme in bedrooms, consider a tufted navy headboard to act as a backdrop for bedding in lighter shades of sky blue or green. Continue this theme by placing a navy upholstered bench or storage ottoman at the foot of the bed to lay out clothes or store blankets.

Harmonious Hues: Using Indigo Accents in Your Home

Decorative items let you add just a hint of color or bring harmony to your design. Use navy throw pillows to break up the solid color of a gray sofa. Or, consider wall decor with cobalt or indigo features, sapphire floor or table lamps for lighting or a plush navy ottoman for your sofa set. These cool accents balance out decor in warmer hues and bring a cohesive color story to the entire room.

Give Your Room Design a Boost with Navy Linens and Textiles

Decorating with navy bedding and rugs allows you to experiment with dark blue hues without committing to a new furniture layout. These cost-effective design elements also swap out easily when your tastes or the seasons change. Consider the following ideas as you plan your new motif:

  • Towels: Hang dark blue towels in bathrooms with aqua, teal and indigo elements to create a spa-inspired monochromatic palette.
  • Sheets: Crisp navy bedsheets peeping out from beneath a white or gray bedspread lends depth and shadow to a carefully styled space. Complete the look with indigo toss pillows or a dark blue coverlet.
  • Comforters and Blankets: Navy quilts and comforters work well as a signature hue among ivory country cottage or pale oak farmhouse bedroom furniture.
  • Rugs: A navy runner in the hallway protects floors and gives these high-traffic areas a decor boost. Round or rectangle area rugs with light color prints against a dark blue background offer a timeless look in dining rooms and dens, too.
  • Curtains: Dark indigo curtains let you block out early morning sunlight on the weekend and offer plenty of privacy in guest rooms, bedrooms and kid's rooms.

Serene and stylish, navy living room, dining and bedroom furniture enhance a range of different warm and cool color palettes while complementing styles from classic to contemporary. Not quite ready for a big change? Adding just a few dark blue accents and fabrics can bring a whole new look to your layout.