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Home Theater & Media Room Furniture & D├ęcor

The center of any good media room is the television and its stand. Consoles range from simple cabinets perfect for couples to extravagant pieces with plenty of shelving to suit big families. Give your entertainment room or home theater decor a warm, rustic feeling with a wooden console or go sleek and modern with a metal-accented unit. More

Comfortable seating is also essential. Plush, inviting sofas and recliners are vital to enjoying a movie. Of course, you'll need someplace to set snacks and drinks, so be sure to leave room for coffee tables and end tables in home theaters. Achieve the ultimate viewing experience with our full range of entertainment room and media room furniture.

Home Theater Design Tips

Whether you have a space that functions exclusively as a home theater or you’ve just picked out a large screen for your living room and want to add some home theater elements, there is nothing quite like having a cozy place where everyone can comfortably sit back and escape into a great movie.

Here are some design tips to help you elevate your style while optimizing your viewing experience:

Watch out for Windows

To eliminate issues with light and distortions from audio reflection, get heavy drapes or curtains for windows that can block out light and dampen sound.

Interesting Room Dynamics Are Ideal

Rectangular rooms are better than square for sound, but long, flat wall expanses can reflect and distort the sound. Even if you don’t have windows to cover, curtains can help break up sound distortion that occurs with long flat expanses of flat walls.

Another option is upholstered furniture pieces along walls and canvas style wall art. Periodically spaced wood cabinets or alcoves can add dimension to a flat wall and will help some with the sound but won’t dampen it as well as fabric.

A media room with hardwood or tile floors will benefit from an area rug to help absorb sound. Select a generous size for the room, covering as much of the hard flooring as possible.

Dimmable Lights

Wall sconces and floor lamps on dimmer switches can surround your room with bright light when you aren’t watching and lowered to soft light when the movie is on. This is especially valuable in a room that has multiple purposes.

Seating you can Sink Into

Create the perfect perch for your family and friends with bucket style cushions, reclining seats and generous armrests to wrap each person in comfort. Extras like built-in cup holders add to the convenience. Gently curved sectionals can be ideal, providing the perfect viewing angle for each person.

However, if your room needs to function as a family space as well, look for sofas, loveseats and swivel recliners that can be positioned for viewing or visiting. Because snacks and drinks go hand in hand with movie time, look for seating in durable, easy-care surfaces like leather and microfiber.