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Looking for the perfect blue to create a stylish and striking design? Rich, velvety marine is a gorgeous hue that works well with a variety of palettes, styles and layouts. Incorporate marine furniture anywhere in your home with this selection of chairs, sofas, rugs and much more. More

Color Combinations with Marine

When decorating your home with marine furniture, you’ll want to consider how you can combine it with other hues for the most impact. Check out these combos for an easy way to personalize your space using the colors you love most:

  • Yellow, Orange and Red: Balance out a warm palette with this indigo shade. Try spreading a marine area rug in front of a crimson couch, or hang a canvas print with swaths of navy in your burnt orange bedroom.
  • Green and Purple: A saturated hue like marine has a grounding effect when paired with a cool color scheme. Capture a nature-inspired look by using a dark blue headboard alongside soft green bedding and lavender walls.
  • Beige and Brown: Marine is reminiscent of deep ocean blue, giving it an organic feel that blends well with earth tones like beige or brown. Place a midnight sofa between two wooden end tables or hang marine artwork on a tan wall for a harmonious look.
  • White, Gray and Black: Make a big impression in an otherwise monochromatic theme with marine furniture. Use an aqua ottoman alongside a charcoal seating set for an eye-catching accent in your family room.
  • Jewel Tones: What looks richer than a palette of gemstone-inspired hues? Decorate an opulent dining area with luxurious sapphire chairs and a glass-top table, or give your living room an elevated look with an aquamarine sectional.

A Sea of Style

Marine decor and furniture feel right at home in an array of interior designs. An accent chair with azure upholstery and gently curved arms is a chic choice for a mid-century modern den, while plush peacock rugs offer a splash of color to contemporary rooms. On the other hand, a navy art print featuring compasses and anchor motifs has a fun, nautical appeal.

Marine Blue in Every Room

Whether you want to refresh a single room or your whole home, marine makes it a cinch. Computer chairs with dark blue seats are a simple way to add some zest to your home office. When you want to create some visual interest in the hallway, try rolling out an elegant indigo runner. In the bedroom, dress your bed in a stunning marine comforter set.