Nine-Piece Patio Dining Sets

Outdoor 9-Piece Dining Sets for the Patio

A 9 piece patio set is a great wayto totally your outdoor space for entertaining. To find the set that best serves your needs, take size, shape, style and materials into account.

Size & Shape

Large patio sets come in a variety of practical designs. For example, round, square, or oval tables are great for casual dining and chatting. However, long rectangular tables can seat more people. Provide plenty of space for your guests when choosing a 9 piece patio set that meets your needs.


Style and material are closely related. For example, wrought iron lends itself to a more traditional look with intricate scrolls and designs. On the other hand, wood and steel patio sets may create a rustic or industrial vibe.


The construction of 9 piece patio sets affects their cost and longevity. Each of the common outdoor furniture materials has its own advantages:

  • Aluminum – This lightweight metal doesn't rust or fade and is inexpensive.
  • Plastic – Easy to move, plastic is low maintenance and affordable, but doesn’t tend to last
  • Steel – Anti-rust treatments may be required to keep this durable metal looking its best.
  • Wicker – This lightweight, woven material is flexible, though it may be uncomfortable without cushions.
  • Wood – Solid wood doesn't absorb heat like metal, though it needs seasonal treatment.
  • Wrought Iron – Sturdy, durable wrought iron can withstand the elements, but requires regular rust treatments.

Weather permitting, patios serve as extra rooms for your house. Decorate your outdoor space as you would your home's interior, paying special attention to the style, material, size, and shape of your 9 piece patio set under $3000, $2000, and $1000.