Seven-Piece Patio Dining Sets

Outdoor 7-Piece Dining Sets for the Patio

Choosing 7 piece patio sets can be a challenge. Most collections at this size are expensive, so it's important to pick something that will be durable, look good and meet your needs for many years. Think of this purchase as an investment and choose as carefully as you would for your interior furnishings. Choose from a variety of shapes including:

The perfect patio set is out there, whether you're looking for a sturdy outdoor dining suite, a comfy seating arrangement, or a poolside set complete with umbrella and lounge chairs. To make the right choice, consider function, seating and materials as well as storage before making your purchase.


Will your 7 piece patio set be a permanent fixture on your deck for casual guests, or do you intend to hold dinners and outdoor parties solely on special occasions?

Soft, padded chairs, for example, may not hold up for everyday use, especially when it comes to cleaning and care. Chair cushions have to be stored during inclement weather, as rain-soaked cushions can quickly become discolored or moldy. Patio sets that have removable cushions, or are comfortable without them, are a better option.


For an investment like this, it's crucial to choose 7 piece patio sets with versatile seating. Consider adding one or two swivel or rocker-glider chairs to your collection. These pieces can also be separated for a smaller, conversation-style arrangement. Adding a matching bench is another option because it can serve as seating or an extra table when needed.


A 7 piece patio set needs to last for many seasons for a good return on your purchase price, so durability is critical. Metal, cedar, teak and all-weather wicker are excellent choices that are easy to clean and last for years with proper care.

Glass tabletops are another option to consider. Glass makes clean up a cinch, but it scratches easily. It is also very heavy to move and can break if struck by a falling tree limb, same goes with wood sets.

Be sure that any fabric or cushions on the seats of your set are rated for outdoor use, with UV, mold and moisture resistance.


One of the most important aspects to consider for your choice is storage. While 7 piece patio sets are typically suited for long-term use, furnishings will last far longer if stored during the winter. Even teak and wrought-iron furniture will benefit from being shielded from ice and snow. Find a long-lasting 7 piece dining set under $1000 and $500.

If you don't have room in a garage, shed or basement to store your full patio set, look for designs that can be stacked, folded or disassembled to save on storage space while preserving your furniture for years to come.