Kids Outer Space Bedroom

Space Themed Room Decor, Bedding, Etc.

Encourage budding scientists to reach for the stars with an outer space bedroom. Our wide selection includes cosmic-themed bedding for every stage of life. Choose crib linens featuring cuddly astronauts and planets, or give toddler beds an out-of-this-world makeover using starry sheet sets. Older kids will be over the moon about comforters splashed with swirling nebulas. More

Continue the theme in their outer space bedroom with interstellar floor coverings. Children will feel like they’re tip-toeing through the cosmos when you decorate with plush, watercolor galaxy mats. Teens adore trendy constellation and zodiac rugs, while little ones will love floors covered in cartoon comets and spaceships.

Fun decor is the key to completing outer space bedrooms. Projectors turn ordinary walls into twinkling fields of stars and crescent moon lamps can double as desk lighting and night lights. Finish the look with pillows, mobiles, clocks and much more to personalize a stellar outer space bedroom.