Kids Mermaid Bedroom

Mermaid Themed Bedroom Decor & Bedding

Create the ultimate mermaid bedroom with this assortment of cozy bedding. Your little one can sleep tight under a plush comforter after a long day of swimming, or curl up with a glittering mermaid tail blanket on movie night. From velvety throws to sequined toss pillows, these collections feature everything you need for magical mermaid bedrooms.More

Transform your child's room into an underwater palace with mermaid bedroom decor. Ocean-inspired murals and wall decals add a bit of whimsy to their space, while sculptures and artwork featuring sea creatures and shells complete the motif. Make playtime even more special with scale-patterned rugs in shades of aqua, purple and seafoam.

Your child will feel like they're getting the royal treatment with this wide array of mermaid bedroom accessories. They can store all of their gizmos, whatsits and thingamabobs in a fun, character-themed jewelry box. For the final touch, illuminate their room with a dazzling tail-fin lamp or mermaid night light.