Kids Cat Bedroom

Cat Bedroom Decor, Blankets, & Rugs

Got a child who's smitten with kittens? Cat bedrooms are a fun option for the animal lover in your life. Consider beginning with themed bedding that includes soft sheets, cozy comforters and huggable pillows. Whether they prefer cartoon kitties or realistic portraits, you'll discover an array of colors and patterns to set just the right tone. More

Our collection has all the accessories you need for a cat bedroom. Browse storage benches with feline silhouettes, figurines, wall art and analog clocks that give the room a playful vibe. Hang a mirror with pointed ears to help them prepare for the day, or select kitty-shaped lamps and night lights to cast a subtle glow as your little one drifts off to sleep.

Rugs featuring tame tabbies and fluffy black kittens give cat bedrooms an extra layer of comfort. Use non-slip mats to create a play area or warm up a hardwood floor. Rectangular and round rugs made from easy-to-clean materials are also the perfect complement for kids' crafting tables to protect flooring from spills, stains, or a feline friend's accidental paw prints.