Kids Beach Bedroom

Beach Decor, Bedding, Furniture, Etc.

Create a charming coastal oasis in your child's room with beach bedroom decor. Pieces like nautical rugs and turtle wall sculptures showcase the beauty of your little one's favorite vacation spot. Dive into this selection of ocean-inspired decorations for the ultimate beach bedroom. More

With comforters featuring aquatic life and blankets with picturesque beachside views, you can design a beach bedroom fit for any age. Vibrant bedding covered in fun fish and cute crustaceans looks great in your toddler's room. Is your teen an aspiring oceanographer? Consider a sand-colored quilt with a shell and coral motif.

Complete your little one's beach bedroom with this array of on-theme furniture. They can catch some z's after riding the waves in a cozy loft bed or stow their flipflops and bathing suits in a perfectly weathered chest of drawers. The surf's up and the sun's out all year round with a bodacious beach bedroom.