Ballerina Bedroom

Ballerina Bedding, Wall Art, Curtains, Etc.

Aspiring stars dream of spotlights and applause in ballerina bedrooms. Create a rosy monochrome color scheme filled with delightful dancing figures for your toddler, or design a tween's ballerina bedroom using the dramatic contrast of a blush pink quilt above a jet-black rug.More

Complete the look of your child's ballerina bedroom with wall decals and framed prints of arabesque dancers or ribbon-tied ballet slippers. Adorable characters in tutus are cute and playful, while elegant sketches of graceful ballerinas encourage your performer to leap and pirouette to her heart's content.

Add a music box that reveals a tiny twirling figure and a sweet melody as a special keepsake for her ballerina bedroom. Choose from a selection of storage cases in soft pastel colors to find the perfect music box for your favorite dancer's ballerina bedroom.