Floral Wall Decor

Floral Artwork & Wall Decor

Floral wall decor gives any color scheme a gorgeous boost. Herb, leaf and cactus prints bring subtle hints of lush greenery to an earth-tone palette, while colorful posters of roses, lilies, magnolias and sunflowers liven up your neutral layout. Meanwhile, picturesque paintings of farmhouse gardens and wildflower fields give your deep navy or forest green room a charming, refreshing appeal.

Choose stunning floral wall decor to add color and style to any room. Hang a small, multicolored floral painting in an all-white bathroom for refreshing contrast. Create a stylized look in the den using a large painting of black and white blooms. Or, for a grand and gorgeous effect, use a massive drifting flower petal mural to enhance the calm, serene vibe of your bedroom.