Red Lamps

Red Lamps: Accent, Table & Bedside

Lamps with Red Base or Shade.

Whether you're searching for a rustic lantern or a contemporary arc light, red lamps offer the designs you want in an eye-catching hue. Bookend your bed with a pair of crimson table lamps, or add some depth to a breezy, white console with a burgundy accent light. In vibrant scarlet or rich wine, red lighting supplies a dramatic pop of color.

Along with offering a decorative touch, accent lamps brighten up hallways, bedside tables and more. Use a red, sports-themed lamp in a child's room as a handy night light. A cardinal task lamp in the study can illuminate your desk, while ruby lights on the foyer table make an entryway inviting. Give your home a warm, welcoming glow with red lamps.