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Sofa Console Table Furniture for Sale

Sofa tables come in a range of designs to elevate your home's style. In studio apartments or open floor plans, these pieces create a natural transition between rooms. Console tables can also double as writing desks, saving precious space in a compact den. These furnishings work just as well if you need more storage or a place to display decorative items. More

You can use a sofa table to enhance your room's overall theme, too. Wooden console tables with distressed surfaces provide a rustic look, while those with turned legs and carved details enhance a traditional layout. Prefer a modern vibe? Consider sofa tables with geometric metal bases and glass shelving. From classic to contemporary, this selection has something for everyone.

Where To Use Sofa Tables

Entryway – Entries are an often overlooked design opportunity since it is a pass-through space; the furnishing needs aren’t obvious or evident.  A high profile narrow table can add welcoming character to your foyer and is just the right place for keys, phones and mail. Top it by hanging a mirror above and you’ve got a convenient spot to check your appearance on your way in or out of the house.  Your entryway dimensions will dictate the size. You may need to look for a table on the shorter and narrower end if space is an issue, tables can be found as small as 24” wide by 12” deep.  This is a great place to have a fresh bouquet of flowers in the spring or a bowl of fragrant cinnamon potpourri in the winter.  Don’t forget to have a tray, shallow bowl or organizer as a catch-all.

Under a TV – Most media centers are low to position the TV at eye level when seated.  But many people prefer the overall aesthetic of having their TV higher on the wall, as they would place art.  A TV hung high with nothing on the wall below it will look awkward and unbalanced.  This is a great place for a console table.  Because you’ll want it to “own” the space it inhabits, you’ll want to look for a table with some weight and presence to it often those with drawers and cabinets work well.  Be sure the table is considerably wider than the TV.  If you want to put the TV on the table, a server could be a sturdy option.  A few small groupings of decorative items can be artfully displayed on the tabletop, just be careful not to place anything that will block the screen, cause interference for the remote control path or reflect on the screen, as light sources can.

Behind a Sofa Option 1 – When sofas are positioned away from walls and the back is exposed to view, a sofa table can dress up the dull back of the couch. The rule of thumb is the height of the table should be at or just below the height of the sofa back.  It can either be just shy of the length of the sofa or shorter, but it should be centered and at least half the length of the sofa.  If you opt for a table on the shorter side, you can fill out the space by adding standing floor vases, tall house plants, baskets or floor lamps. In decorating the tabletop, for a formal look, keep it symmetrical - try a table lamp on each end for long tables.  Add accents such as framed photos, mementos, a decorative box or leather-bound books.  A decorative tray is always handy as it can serve as a catch-all for handy items such as reading glasses or the remote control.

Behind the Sofa Option 2 – In living rooms with the sofa is along a wall, sofa tables often are both convenient and add depth and style to your room when positioned between the back of the couch and the wall. In this case, the table functions as a shelf and will be less noticed but allows you to add decorative elements behind the sofa – lamp, picture frames, plants, etc.  It is more common to have the table stretch the entire length of the sofa and be on the narrower end of the spectrum.

Elsewhere in the Living Room – To fill otherwise empty wall space in your living room, a sofa table or buffet can add a stylish surface to display collections of photos, art pieces, flower arrangements and other things you love.  Selecting a table with storage can also help you organize and declutter your home, providing a place to store family room items such as games, toys or throws.  Having a generous tabletop space also is also a welcome addition for entertaining as the perfect spot to place appetizers or a drink station.

Color goes a long way to set the mood in your living room, and sofa tables offer a variety of choices. Cherry console tables lend stately elegance, while light wood pieces have breezy, casual appeal. If you want a bit of a modern edge for your den, consider a table with a mirrored surface. Whether your palette features bright reds or calming blues, a white and black sofa table gives your color scheme a pleasing balance.

Sofa Table Color and Finish Choices

Shop a variety of sofa table color and finish options:

We also offer sofa tables in modern, rustic and traditional styles with features including storage, narrow frames and mirrored finishes.