Standing Desks

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Looking for a less sedentary lifestyle? A stand-up desk may be just what you need. Stationary or adjustable, this new home office trend can improve your comfort and overall health. More

A New Way to Work

Because sitting for long periods of time can be harmful to your health, many people are opting for standing desks. The key benefit of these desks is more continuous movement throughout the workday. Standing desks, also known as stand up desks, can help you make these small, frequent changes to posture and position naturally.

Another option is an adjustable standing desk, sometimes called an adjustable desk, sit-stand desk or sit-to-stand desk. These allow for custom settings as well as the ability to change position throughout the workday, all of which can improve your work area while reducing body stress and strain.

Finding the Best Size

To choose a standing desk that fits you, you'll need to get the right measurements. Your height is the base number to use when considering sizes. Some of the most important considerations include:

  • Keyboard position, accounting for arm length and hand placement
  • Monitor/display location, with attention to the distance from eyes to screen
  • Overall height of the work area in relation to your body

Adjustability can help with these factors, but choosing a standing desk at the right height is equally feasible. Measuring your space is also a good idea. These desks can be complex or simple, so consider the impact a piece will have on your work environment.

The Look You Love

The appearance of a standing desk should also match the vibe of your work area. Wood desks have a traditional or rustic feel, while those made of metal and plastic are more utilitarian, industrial or modern. Since no specific material or style offers a significant edge, go with what looks best to you.

Is Standing Right For You?

If you're wondering how to choose standing desks, you've probably already decided to try one out. However, first consider that switching from sitting all day to standing all day is a tough transition. It can ease certain physical ailments, but comes with other potential drawbacks, including sore back, legs or feet.

Adjustable height desks can provide the best of both worlds, allowing you to alternate from sitting to standing whenever you would like. Many have the look of a traditional sitting desk, which can be especially helpful when looking to keep a balanced aesthetic when adding a desk to a living room or bedroom.

Ultimately, movement and versatility are just as important whether you're standing or sitting. Always make sure you still have an office chair on hand to take breaks, and consider any possible limitations of your workplace. With just a little research and some adjustment time, a standing desk can increase your productivity, comfort and happiness.