L Shaped Desks

L Shaped Desks for the Home Office

L-shaped desks fit well in corners, so they're ideal for offices of any size. In addition to a spacious work area, they provide plenty of room to store devices and materials. More

Consider these helpful tips to choose the right desk for your space and needs.

Shape & Size

As the name implies, this model of desk forms the shape of an L. It includes a main desk with a side area, called a return, at a 90-degree angle. Returns vary in length, but are typically just the right size to hold phones, printers or other devices. This reduces clutter and opens up your workspace.

Some L-shape desks have a return that is equal in length to the main desk. These can work exceptionally well configured with the return against a wall and the main desk jutting out from the wall, centered in the room, providing space for visitor seating across the desk.

Office measurements often help you decide which shape will work best. An L-shaped desk may take up a bit more space than a compact corner model. However, it makes a great compromise between other common options. While more spacious than a traditional rectangle desk, the slim L shape is not quite as bulky as a U-shaped desk.

Style & Materials

L-shaped desks come in a variety of decor styles, allowing you to choose a mood and tone for your office. Find L-shaped desks in black, brown, and white to match any style. Traditional and contemporary are typically the most popular and professional design options.

Traditional L-shaped desks usually feature smooth edges, all-wood construction, and intricate detailing to convey elegance and time-tested stability. These premium features can set the price point higher than other styles, so be sure to consider your budget.

Contemporary L-shaped desks offer clean lines and are often smaller, lighter and more open than traditional models. Wood, metal, and glass are common materials. This minimal design gives an office a sleek and modern feel.

Organize & Store

To cut clutter, choose an L-shaped desk with holes designed to organize cords or built-in shelves to keep accessories out of sight. Desks with hutches or attached filing cabinets offer additional options for easy access to materials while keeping your desktop clean.

Why Choose an L-Shaped Desk?

Experts often suggest L-shaped desks to people who need to multi-task. Workspaces that surround you prevent the need to regularly move materials out of the way to switch tasks. You can have everything laid out at your fingertips, yet still keep supplies separate and organized.

This type of desk can also prevent unhealthy twisting and leaning to reach paperwork on the far end of a rectangular desk. After the purchase of a good office chair with wheels, pivoting between the main desk and the return can feel simple and natural.

The Final Word

While rectangle and corner desks make suitable use of space in an office, L-shaped desks are crafted with enough surface area to keep all materials within reach. Whether you need to work on a project with a group or in private, these models offer plenty of room to do both.