Executive Desks

Executive Desks For Home Offices

Executive desks are dramatic additions to a work or home office. Often built with high grade materials on a large scale, these luxury pieces make you feel in command of any workspace. Whether you spend hours at your station or just want to make a strong style statement, there are a few tips that can help you find the perfect executive desk. More

Building a Workspace

There are several factors you should check to ensure that an executive desk will fit nicely in your office. Keep in mind the room needed for chairs, shelves, supplies and movement, as these stately desks tend to be bulky. Many executive desks have a finished back panel for a polished look and can be centered in the office allowing for visitor seating.

The typical executive desk will have cabinets or drawers on each side as well as narrow drawers across the top, providing generous storage space for files and supplies. For more storage, consider selecting a model with shelves. Some executive desks offer hutches with cabinets, though these take up vertical space and are usually placed against a wall. Most also provide a pull-out keyboard drawer. If you have a lot of wired devices, browse pieces with cutouts to manage cords.


Shape is key in selecting an executive desk. U- and L-shaped models provide room to spread out papers and set up devices like printers and phones. In addition, their spacious surfaces offer plenty of space to complete group projects.

Rectangle and corner executive desks are usually smaller, making them a good place for personal tasks or computer work. If you have a smaller office but still want the refined, powerful style of an executive desk, these models are most likely to create the right look without overcrowding your space.


Often crafted from wood in a rich, dark finish, traditional executive desks add classic style to your office. Modern pieces typically have lighter wood stains and a streamlined design. In dens, rustic desks create a more casual and relaxed tone.


When looking for an executive desk, you are often shopping for high-end furniture. Price rises in proportion to quality. However, durable materials ensure that these desks have longer lifespans than less costly options. Look for pieces constructed from sturdy solid wood, like cherry and oak. Details like brass drawer pulls and leather accents add both to the luxurious look and the price tag.

A Comfortable Choice

When it comes to feeling relaxed, organized and in charge at work, nothing helps your state of mind like an executive desk. While a compact desk can lead to cramped and messy work conditions, these spacious pieces offer enough room to organize all your papers and supplies. Browse our collection to find black, brown, and white desks to match your workspace.

The large surface area of many executive desks also allows you to stay a healthy distance away from your computer screen. These pieces are typically quite deep, giving you room to push back your monitor and prevent eye strain. Complete your comfortable work space with a cozy office chair and foot rest.