Credenza Desks

Credenza Desks for the Home Office

Functional and beautiful, a credenza desk provides more than just an extended work surface. These pieces are great storage solutions, and most credenza desks include a combination of shelves and drawers. When deciding on a purchase for your home office, consider size, style, color, and cost to select the right model. More


Our credenza desks come in a range of sizes. Make sure to measure the layout of your space before you make a purchase. Large foundation pieces fit well in dedicated home offices and dens. However, if your only option is a corner of the room, use a smaller credenza desk to hold your laptop and household files.


From transitional to rustic, there's a credenza desk to coordinate with any home office decor. A model featuring clean lines and open shelves creates a modern or minimalist vibe. Rich wooden credenza desks with ornate details, hutches and antique pulls work well in traditional homes. For an eclectic feel, pair Shaker-style pieces alongside your existing furniture for a unique look.

Colors and Finishes

When choosing a credenza desk, pick a color and finish that expresses your personal tastes. Most pieces feature natural or richly stained wood tones that complement a variety of hues. Dark onyx or pale ivory blend seamlessly with monochromatic or neutral palettes. Painted credenza desks also come in matte, high gloss, and distressed finishes.


There are many different price options for credenza desks. Before making a final decision, consider the available storage. A modest credenza desk may be a budget-savvy solution that functions well but offers limited room for storage and to work.

If you need office furniture with additional cabinet space, try something bigger. Large ornate pieces will prove to be a bigger investment, but their increased capacity might be worth the cost.

Finally, consider the quality of materials and construction. If your budget will allow, look for solidly built pieces in wood or metal to ensure that your credenza desk will serve you well for many years to come.