Corner Desks

Home Office Corner Desks

Whether its compact and tidy or a bit more expansive, corner desks help you make the most of your room and can be found in a wide range of sizes. More

The Perfect Desk for Corner Spaces

As their name suggests, corner desks are designed to be tucked easily into the corner of a room. These pieces are compact and shaped to save you space. This makes them a great option for homes with tiny offices or apartments with limited square footage. Place corner desks in a bedroom, living room or just about anywhere to create a convenient, focused work area in colors like brown and white.

Consider Function

To choose a corner desk that serves your specific needs, consider what will actually help you. For example, most corner desks don't come with drawers. If you work with a lot of paper, you'll benefit from tracking down a piece that either has built-in storage or a surface large enough for a desktop organizer.

If you like to take notes as you work, you'll need to find a spacious corner desk that can comfortably accommodate a computer, mouse, and notebooks.

Take Measurements into Account

Since corner desks are all about saving space, they may not be very spacious. The size of an ideal work area may vary based on body type and home office needs, so consider these dimensions when looking into a desk.


To fit only a laptop, you'll need a desk that measures at least 18 inches wide. Add several inches more for a desktop computer, keyboard, and mouse. Experts suggest an extra 20 inches of space to write comfortably. If you want to add an in-out tray or organizer, factor in another 12 inches. A corner desk at least 5 feet long would give you room for all of these items.


If width is an issue in your space, consider choosing a corner desk that's deep rather than long. When you need to write, push your laptop to the back of the desk and use the front for other tasks. The minimum depth that will be comfortable when sitting is between 24 and 30 inches for most people.


Around 30 inches is the standard height for corner desks. People who are taller or shorter than average may prefer adjustable desks or models outside the typical dimensions.

Don't Forget Style

Since desks are often the focal point of an office space, yours should reflect your personal style.

If you enjoy a contemporary look, search for a metal or glass corner desk. These pieces tend to be sturdy and durable. Unfortunately, they can also be heavy, so they're not the best choice for people who do a lot of rearranging.

Those looking for a traditional corner desk should check out wooden models. Dark, rich finishes can set a serious tone for the work space, while light finishes create a cheerier and more relaxed office.

Other Options

If a triangular corner desk won't meet your space needs, consider a larger L-shaped corner desk. While they still fit well into the corner of your room, each side can measure four to six feet in length giving you plenty of space to spread out when working.