Armoire and Hutch Desks

Home Office Hutch & Armoire Desks

An armoire desk turns any room into a productive home office. While the exterior resembles a cabinet, the interior reveals spacious shelving and a convenient writing surface. Armoire desks come in a range of designs and styles, making it easy to find the right fit. More


Size, material, and design often determine the price of an armoire desk. Smaller models provide the essentials for working from home, while large pieces offer increased storage. Also consider that some armoire desks have features such as an attached hutch or glass doors, which can affect the price.


Roomy armoire desks are great for enhancing the look of a larger area. In a home office with limited square footage, a piece with a slender profile might be a better choice. Each armoire desk has its advantages, both small and large, so choosing one often comes down to available space and preference.

Styles & Colors

Choose an armoire desk that complements your other office furniture to create a uniform look among similar colors and styles. For a traditional vibe, browse models with turned legs and oak or other rich stained rustic wood finishes. Black armoire desks with sleek silver hardware are ideal in casual or modern settings.


Armoire desks boast a variety of functional, space-saving components. Options with cabinet doors and pull out shelving are perfect for storing books and important documents. A low-profile armoire desk with a pull-down front cover keeps supplies organized, too. Some pieces include drawers and cupboards below the writing surface for even more storage.