Red, White & Black Dining Room

Red, White & Black Color Schemes for Dining Room Furniture & Decor

No matter the quantity, using red has a big impact on any color palette. The effect is even more dramatic in a black and white dining room. Vibrant red can transform a minimal and stark space into something bright and lively, while touches of subtler tones can be just what’s needed to warm things up.

Del Mar Dining Room Set
picture of the Del Mar dining room set
Black glasstop dining table with red upholstered chairs in a room with white decor.

Stylish, modern spaces can also be fun and energetic with the right color choices. In the room above, notice how the red chairs pop against this black and white dining room. Keeping the rest of the decor neutral allows this dining set to attract all the attention.

Encino Dining Set
picture of the Encino dining room set
Glasstop dining table with black legs and red high-back chairs on a white rug.

This design uses two main contrasts to create visual interest and movement. The black table and chair legs stand out against a white rug, juxtaposing light and dark. Adding blue accents and red-orange chairs provides extra impact, drawing on the rule of complementary colors.

Lansdale Dining Room Set
picture of the Lansdale dining room set
Metal dining table topped with red and black decor, paired with matching white chairs, and set on a white rug.

Light-hued decor gives off a clean and contemporary vibe in this airy white dining room. In monochromatic spaces like the one above, a few well-placed splashes of color can be modern and artistic.

An all-white dining set, rug and paint scheme set an elegant tone but don't direct the eye to any specific place. A few black highlights in the picture frames and table tray lend depth to the design, while a hint of red dining room decor immediately draws focus.

Mabry Dining Set
picture of the Mabry dining room set
Black dining table with upholstered red chairs in a room with white decor.

As in many red, white and black dining rooms, the table and chair set pictured here features an ebony table surrounded by scarlet upholstered chairs. This combination is popular for good reason. A dining set crafted entirely from dark wood can look dark and heavy in all but the brightest spaces. Red chairs lend a warm, spicy hue to the room that enlivens dinner gatherings.

Ciara Dining Set
Picture of the Ciara dining room set.
Round glass top dining table with a black base, red upholstered chairs with black frames, set on a white rug.

Red, black and white dining room decor is a bold choice that might be a little too much for some designers. To get the same iconic look in a more subdued form, consider your shade of red. This space features berry-red chairs. The calmer and cooler hue doesn't jump out at the viewer as much as a rouge or cherry red, making it the perfect choice for understated drama.

An Instant Classic

Timelessly glamorous, black, white and red dining rooms have a lot to love. With careful thought about the placement and shade of your red accents, it's hard to go wrong with this simple and sophisticated palette.