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Keep your fine-dining essentials on display inside a beautifully crafted china cabinet or curio. Select models come with lighting or mirrored backdrops that highlight the natural beauty of your dishes. We showcase cabinets finished in every wood tone to ensure you find one perfectly suited to your existing dining room decor. Our pieces also feature many nooks, crannies, drawers and doors to provide enough room for displaying your finest china, ensuring our curios and china cabinets are the perfect home for your most prized dinnerware. More

How to Choose a Cabinet

Cabinets are often the most useful piece of furniture in dining rooms and kitchens as they can be used for both display and storage. With choices like sideboards, buffets, china cabinets, and curios, selecting a cabinet can become a challenge for people with no prior knowledge on this subject.

Size Restraints & Budget

Whether you're looking for a console that can easily fit behind your table or you want a large buffet to display precious collectibles, it is important to keep in mind the dimensions of your dining space and existing furniture. Also, create a budget before buying a cabinet. If you have more plates to store, set aside more money to buy a piece that will accommodate your collection.

Choosing a Style

When choosing dining room cabinets, buyers can prioritize function or visual appeal. Some options come with many shelves and cubbies, while others have more tabletop space. Buffets and sideboards are similar to end tables and small dressers that accentuate the décor of a room, while china cabinets are large, standout pieces.

Selecting Colors

The color of your cabinet should complement your dining room theme. Many pieces have wood finishes and come in shades like merlot or ivory. Going outside the spectrum of neutral tones can add a pop of color to your room. For example, if your dining table and chairs are black, a red cabinet can liven up the space.

Choosing the Material

Most cabinets are made from wood and have decorative accents in other materials, such as glass doors or pullout cubbies made of wicker. Because these pieces will be housing fine china, you'll want to choose materials that are extra durable. Hardwoods like beech are sturdy and last longer than composite woods, though they typically cost more.

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