Dining Chairs

Dining Room Chairs & Side Chairs

Select one of our dining room chairs, or match them in sets to create the perfect mood at mealtime. We offer vibrant options made from metal and wood to bring out the best in your dining space. Contemporary solid shades of black and white will dazzle and delight, while eclectic off-colors will enhance even the drabbest of design schemes. Our dining chair models also include upholstered leather and fabric seating to provide even more comfort, to help make every meal more enjoyable. More

How to Choose Dining Chairs

The dining chairs you select to complement your table can make or break the appearance of your kitchen or dining room. While you shop for the perfect set of dining chairs, consider your room's theme, dimensions, color scheme, and style.

Space & Size Restraints

Before purchasing your dining chairs, record the dimensions of your kitchen or dining room, as well as your table. Purchasing too many chairs or chairs that are too large for a small room closes up the space. For larger dining rooms with no other furniture, a few small chairs can make the room appear empty and plain. To create a well-balanced and functional space, be sure to carefully measure chairs before bringing them home.


Your budget is a huge aspect of the buying process. Know how much you can and want to spend on your dining chairs. Some chairs can be bought together as sets, while others are sold as individuals.

Choosing a Style

Specific styles and themes exist to help you choose pieces that match your preferences. Dining chairs can be contemporary, traditional, or transitional. When deciding on a style for your dining room, think about the other pieces in the space. For people with circular glass-top dining tables, modern chairs with sharp angles and lines pair well. Bar stools and benches will keep tiny rooms open and comfortable.

Selecting Colors

When it comes to color palette options, buyers usually choose between classic wood tones, like oak, walnut, and cherry, or bold paint shades like white. Upholstered seats add a pop of color, as the fabric comes in every hue from neutral brown, cream, and espresso, to vibrant red and merlot. For a unique look in your dining space, pick chairs that contrast your table.

Choosing Fabrics & Materials

Comfort is one of the most important factors to consider when picking materials. Padded benches, woven wicker chairs, and leather seating vary in plushness and durability. For example, leather is sturdier and more scratch-resistant than faux leather, although it is also more expensive.